Family Ministries

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Family Ministries Office

Our Mission:  Believing in the sacredness of marriage and family, we seek to resource, strengthen, and celebrate families in their diversity, life stages and transitions.  We promote this dignity of life from conception to natural death.

Our Vision: The promotion of dignity within family through the love, mercy, and hope of Christ.

In pursuit of this vision we value:

  • Families in their diversity.
  • The lifelong developmental nature of the family.
  • The accompaniment of people throughout their lives.
  • The sacredness of life.

Office Information

Family Ministries Counseling Services
Phone: (502) 636-1044

Victim Assistance
Phone: (502) 636-1044

All Other Ministries
Phone: (502) 636-0296

Maloney Center
1200 South Shelby Street
Louisville, Ky. 40203-2600

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” -Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

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