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Picnics & Festivals

Due to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on the COVID-19 pandemic, on March 16, 2020, Archbishop Kurtz directed parishes to suspend or postpone events and programs that include 50 people or more.  Because we do not know how long this directive will be in effect, please check with your parish about upcoming parish picnics or festivals.

No January Picnics scheduled at this time
No February Picnics scheduled at this time
No March Picnics scheduled at this time
No April Picnics scheduled at this time
14-16Saint Bernard, Louisville (May 14 Ride Night)
16Saint Francis, Raywick
29-30Church of the Ascension
4-6Saint Peter the Apostle (June 4 Ride Night)

5-6Our Lady of Lourdes
6Saint Catherine
Saint Charles
7Most Blessed Sacrament
11-13Saint Edward (June 11 Inflatable Night)
12-13Saint Lawrence
Saint Margaret Mary
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Saint Bernadette
Saint Gregory, Samuels
Holy Cross, Loretto
18-20Saint Albert the Great (June 18 Family Night)
Saint Raphael (June 18 Ride Night)
19-20Saint Bartholomew
Saint Luke
25-27Holy Family (June 25 Kids' Night with Kids' Zone)
26-27Saint Martha
27Saint Joseph, Louisville
4Saint Saint Bernard, Clementsville
9-11Saint Francis of Assisi, Marion Co. (July 9 Ride Night)
11Saint Aloysius, Pewee Valley
Saint Ignatius Martyr, Louisville
Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Payneville
23-25Saint Rita (July 23 Ride Night)
25Saint Thomas, Bardstown
26Holy Rosary, Manton (Manton Music Jamboree)
30-31Saint Gabriel
Holy Trinity, Louisville
1Saint Gabriel
Holy Rosary, Springfield
Holy Trinity, Louisville
2Saint Ann, Howardstown
Saints Simon & Jude
7-8Saint Joseph Children's Home
8Saint Theresa of Avila, Rhodelia
22Saint Augustine, Louisville (Parish Festival)
Saint Helen, Glasgow (Ice Cream Social)
29Saint James, Elizabethtown
11-12Saint Leonard
12Saint Dominic, Springfield (Fall Social)
Good Shepherd, Louisville
Saint Martin of Tours, Flaherty
3Holy Cross, Marion County (Turkey Supper)
Saint Monica, Bardstown (Fall Festival)
10Holy Trinity, Fredericktown (Turkey Supper)
18Saint John the Apostle, Brandenburg (Harvest Festival)
25Saint Theresa, Rhodelia (Community Fall Festival)
8Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Payneville (Turkey Feast)
14Immaculate Conception, LaGrange (Fall Festival/Turkey Supper)
No December Picnics scheduled at this time
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