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Counseling Services


This is a coordinated response to crisis situations that arise in Catholic parishes and schools. A trained team of counselors from Catholic Schools respond to parish and school-wide trauma and grief situations, such as the death of a student or staff member.

Victim Assistance Coordinator

For the sake of the victims and for the integrity of the Church’s witness, it is critical that the Archdiocese knows about and responds appropriately to sexual abuse, and the Church is committed to responding with compassion and care to victims/survivors of sexual abuse by clergy or other Church employees. Martine Siegel serves as the Victim Assistance Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Louisville. In this capacity, she offers those who report having been sexually abused care and outreach, including counseling services if needed, referrals to other community resources, and ongoing communication about any investigation that may be underway. For more information about the role of the Victim Assistance Coordinator, please visit here. To contact Ms. Siegel, please email or call 502/636-1044.

Additional Counseling

Counseling referrals are available outside of Victim Assistance for couples, families or individuals. Please contact Martine Siegel at 502/636-1044 or email for a referral

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