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Flaget Center


To provide a modestly priced, relaxing, spiritual, and private space for meetings, retreats, conferences and days of prayer.


The Flaget Center staff welcomes the opportunity to help you with your next event.  Whether your group is non-profit, for-profit, churches, schools, businesses, professional or educational organizations, we will assist you in every way to make your event a success.

There are 9 meeting spaces of various sizes and overnight accommodations for up to 110 guests.  A chapel is also available that can accommodate 150 persons.  150 parking spaces offer easy access.  A kitchen and dining room are also available.

The Flaget Center is owned by the Archdiocese of Louisville and is the only retreat center in the area that can accommodate multiple groups of up to 300 people at a time.  The Center can host up to 110 overnight guests.  Located in a residential area and only fifteen minutes from Louisville International Airport, Flaget Center is easily accessible for those traveling from all points in the U.S.  The Flaget Center offers guests comfortable meeting rooms and a place to plan, pray and build community.

It is easy to experience peace and tranquility while visiting here; however, the best part is the sharing of experiences and the bonding that takes place.  Many of our guests have returned here year after year, and that return pilgrimage attests to their satisfaction with what they experience at the Flaget Center.  Guests specifically express their gratitude for the peace, hospitality, and cleanliness of the facility.  The Archdiocese of Louisville is committed to continuing these services long into the future.  Bring new life to your next meeting in a quiet, spiritual setting.

Rates are affordable and available upon request.  For tours of the facility or to schedule an event, places call 502-448-8581 or email flaget@archlou.org.

Flaget Center

Office Information

Phone: (502) 448-8581
Fax: (502) 448-5518
Email: flaget@archlou.org

1935 Lewiston Drive
Louisville, KY 40216


Kimberly Robbins, Facility Manager
Danny Roarx, Maintenance
Teresa Esparza, Housekeeping
Ronald Herberger, Custodian
David Willis, Custodian

Mission Statement

To serve those who minister in an active, apostolic life; to give witness to the validity of contemplation in an active world; to share a peaceful environment with our community; and to recognize God as the center of our ministry and in our relationships with others.

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