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Synod Blog – September 30, 2014

I’m in the Eternal City – Roma.  My visit will be for three weeks, and so I ask for your prayers.  Included at the end of this blog is Pope Francis’ prayer for the Synod on Challenges of the Family in Light of Evangelization, which many of you would have prayed in your parishes this past Sunday.  Please take some time each day to continue this prayer for the family.

Before describing what is going on in Rome, I would like […]

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Holy Hour Homily at the Diocese of Charlotte Eucharistic Congress

Here is the video of the Holy Hour Homily I gave on September 20 at the Diocese of Charlotte’s Eucharistic Congress.

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Keynote at Pro-Life Leadership Conference

respect lifeMy message to diocesan pro-life directors given in July at the annual Diocesan Pro-Life Leadership Conference in Charleston, SC, may help in preparing for October’s Respect Life Month.

Keynote at Pro-Life Leadership Conference

Charleston, South Carolina

July 28, 2014

It is a pleasure to be with you. Let me begin by saying how grateful I am to be in Charleston, South Carolina. I visited recently for the funeral […]

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Opening of School Year Mass for Catholic Elementary School Educators


Below is the homily that I delivered to our archdiocesan Catholic elementary school teachers at the opening Mass for this school year:


A special welcome to all of you as you begin the school year!  This is a sign to me (and I guess to you) that summer is over.  I want to say a special word of welcome to those of you who will be teaching in one of our Catholic schools for […]

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Pray as the Synod on Family Nears

It has been a long-standing custom for the president, vice-president, and general secretary of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference to journey to Rome in October for a constructive conversation on timely topics of great interest to the Church in the United States. How delighted I was to find that I’ll be meeting with Pope Francis on the feast of St. Francis, October 4.  I recall the wonderful meeting that Cardinal Dolan and I had with him last October. This year, I […]

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