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God Recycles

I would like to share this wonderful Holy Thursday homily from the pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Fr. Jeff Nicolas:

God Recycles

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent we heard God say through the prophet Isaiah, “See I am doing something new!” And indeed our God of creation has a proclivity to create. But tonight I am struck by the fact that our God in creating something new, chooses to recycle. Our God recycles.

I was surprised to learn in […]

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“Rebuild My Church”

Chrism Mass Homily: Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville

“Rebuild My Church”

A home builder, after years of hard work, decides to retire and tells the company owner. The owner replies, “Please build me one more house.” His heart not in the job, the builder reluctantly goes through the motions – even cutting corners here and there – and after finishing, gives the keys to the owner. The builder can’t wait to retire. When turning over the keys, he […]

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Archbishop Kurtz’s Statement on House Bill 279

Archbishop Kurtz’s Statement on House Bill 279

I am very pleased that Kentucky legislators passed House Bill 279 into law last evening. The right to practice our faith is one of our most basic human and civil rights. Obviously religious freedom, like free speech and other basic rights, has limits, but our common understanding in this country is that government must seek the least restrictive means to limit these basic rights and only when clearly seeking the […]

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Why Do We Do It?

I would like to share the Palm Sunday homily below that was given by Deacon Stephan Phelps of the Cathedral of the Assumption. It provides a great introduction to Holy Week.

Why Do We Do It?

Why do we do it? Since the beginning of the fourth century, Christians have gathered on this day, Palm Sunday, to recall Christ’s glorious entry into Jerusalem.

We joyfully lift our palm branches, have them blessed, and then, heralded by a trumpet, join […]

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Miserando atque eligendo

The Calling of Saint Matthew by Caravaggo (1599-1600) The Calling of Saint Matthew by Caravaggo (1599-1600)

One of my favorite churches in Rome, near the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, is the French church of St. Louis. Amid the busy streets of Rome, it is very easy to pass this church without a glance, but if you go inside for a visit, you are in for a spiritual treat. My ritual is always […]

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Mercy: The Lord’s Most Powerful Message

In Sunday’s Gospel reading, we heard the powerful encounter of Jesus, the woman caught in adultery, and her accusers.  Like two sides of the coin, Jesus takes two steps. First, He tells her accusers that the one without sin ought to cast the first stone. Of course, one by one each accuser recalls enough weakness and imperfection in his life that the crowd becomes smaller and smaller. Finally, there is only Jesus and the woman. Jesus asks her if there […]

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Veni Sancte Spiritu

As we follow news about the events in Rome, I invite all Catholics throughout our 24 counties of the Archdiocese to join me in prayer for the cardinal-electors, for the yet unknown man who will be our new Holy Father, and for our Church.

We are all invited to offer private prayers, works, and almsgiving for the successful election of a new Holy Father. The simple custom of frequently praying the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to the Father […]

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Papal Conclave Reveals a “Living Reality”

I write this as the College of Cardinals gather to prepare for the election of our new Holy Father. We may soon have a Pope. Even for those without any Latin background and those not Catholic, the phrase Habemus Papam and the white smoke are very familiar.

At this moment, my mood is both unsettled and prayerful. Of course, I have come to terms with the stepping down of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. I have deep affection and admiration for him […]

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