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The Door Opens at Baptism

I grew up in a small coal town in northeast Pennsylvania where we didn’t lock doors very often.  Our front door was always open, and I recall that even our car (bought used but always kept shiny in front of our home) also was unlocked.  Of course best of all in those days, the Church doors were open.  You could always pop in for a visit to our Lord Jesus in the tabernacle.  It was very convenient and, now that […]

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Happy Birthday, Mary Most Holy

I love birthdays, my own and others.  I caught this spirit from my older brother George, born with Down Syndrome, and a true teacher of joy.  All birthdays were a big deal in my family, and even my older sisters tolerated George’s insistence on proudly announcing the age of the person of the day.  Our Church shares that special fondness for births.  That is why this past Sunday, September 8, we all celebrated the birthday of our blessed mother, Mary.  […]

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A Special Sunday

This past Sunday was special for me.  I celebrated Mass at Annunciation Parish in Shelbyville along with Fr. Michael Tobin and the parishioners.  It was the occasion for the viewing of a special documentary after Mass, called Labor of Love: The Gift of Stained Glass. Labor of Love was created by Fr. Tobin and our own Reed Yadon, along with videographer and editor, Bill Smith, and writers/ co-producers Kelley Dearing Smith and college student-intern Casey Biles.  This 35-minute video presents the […]

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Pray for Peace in Syria

Today, I wrote to pastors about the call of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the entire Mideast region, and throughout the whole world to be held this coming Saturday, September 7, 2013. The Pope made the announcement during the course of remarks ahead of the traditional Angelus prayer this Sunday. The full address is available on

Resources are available at They include a prayer resource that […]

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