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“Mass Mobs” and Other Acts of Creativity

I must admit that I did not understand the meaning of a “flash mob” when I first encountered it in a TV commercial. Now I know this phrase describes the phenomenon of people showing up at a place, coordinated by Twitter or some other form of digital media, to make a public statement.  From the dawn of creation, people have sought new ways to socialize and convene.  In scanning Sacred Scripture, we discover some gatherings – like the Tower of […]

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Archbishop Kurtz sends Greetings on the Eve of the Apostolic Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

In this video greeting, Archbishop Kurtz explains the history behind the upcoming trip in Jerusalem between Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and discusses the issue of Christian suffering in the Middle East: 


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School Reunions

This is the season for graduations and school reunions.  I recently went back to Pennsylvania for a reunion and
fiftieth anniversary celebration of my high school class of 1964. 

It was a great weekend.  My good friend and classmate (since fourth grade!), Msgr. Robert Wargo not only gave me free lodging in his rectory outside of Allentown, Pa, but he also gave me use of his car.  On Saturday, I drove to visit my sister Pat in Hazelton and then made […]

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