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Archbishop Joseph Kurtz on EWTN’s Radio Program At Home with Jim and Joy

Click on the link below to listen to EWTN’s At Home With Jim and Joy. This radio show was taped on Tuesday, April 23. Archbishop Kurtz discusses a variety of topics, including the holy hours he has been holding for life, marriage, and liberty, his recent trip to Birmingham, and the Blessing of the Child in the Womb.

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Response on the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Peace be with you! It is an honor to join my remarks with those of Rev. Jim Wallis and U.S. Representative John Lewis on this august occasion and to join with Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. King, whose presence honors this two-day event.

Letters deserve a response, and in fact, some demand one. Such is the letter that we gather to remember. Fifty years ago in this city of Birmingham, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sent a […]

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