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The Dangerous Prayer for Teachers and For All of Us

On Monday, August 10, I presided and preached at the opening school Mass for our elementary school teachers. Here is my homily: 

This is a special day for all of you, Catholic school teachers, to gather in prayer. Today, you pray for each other and for the students whom parents have wisely entrusted to your care and teaching. We welcome especially those who will be teaching in our Catholic schools for the first time this year.  May your teaching be fruitful […]

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Abortion – Symptom of Throw-Away Society

On August 22, a coalition of 50 pro-life groups is organizing simultaneous rallies to be held at local Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide. At this point, pro-life advocates in 180 cities and 43 states have committed to be present at Planned Parenthood abortion and abortion referral clinics to protest abortion and the selling of the body parts of unborn babies.  I was asked to prepare a statement for the event that is being held in Louisville.  It is below:


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Psalms: Poems, Steps, Mirrors

“We are born with this book in our heart. A little book: one hundred and fifty poems; one hundred and fifty steps erected between death and life; one hundred and fifty mirrors of our rebellions and our fidelities, of our agonies and our resurrections.  More than a book, it is a living being who speaks – who speaks to you – who suffers, who groans and dies, who rises and sings, on the threshold of eternity – and who takes […]

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