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To Walk, To Build, To Profess Christ Crucified

In 1999 when appointed Bishop of Knoxville, I had the task of seeking an appropriate episcopal motto. That motto is the title of this bi-weekly column, “Hope in the Lord,” and I pulled it from Psalm 31. The lengthy Psalm 31 has been divided into three parts and is one of the psalms that forms the daily Office of Readings. When choosing an Episcopal motto, I remember how moved I was every Monday of the 2nd cycle of 4 weeks as […]

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Every Day Saints of God

I love all Saints Day. Besides the famous saints we all know, November 1 is the time for all the unsung heroes – people you and I know that have that aura of sanctity about them – often very humble faithful people who go unnoticed by the world.  As we continue to hear echoes of the Second Vatican Council, certainly the universal call to holiness is a keystone.  In response to our baptismal call, we should say that we all […]

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