Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz poured balsam into olive oil which he consecrated as sacred chrism during the Chrism Mass, celebrated privately April 7 at the Cathedral of the Assumption. He was joined by Deacon Dennis Nash, left, Father Anthony Chandler, background, and Barry Mudd, right. Public Masses are suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Record Photo by Marnie McAllister)

Alleluia! My prayers are with all of you during this Easter season.

I have heard numerous expressions of thanks from parishioners as well as individuals from the broader community for last week’s broadcast of the Holy Week liturgies from the Cathedral of the Assumption. People told me of the comfort they received from being able to enter into these liturgies during these difficult days of social distancing.

I am very grateful to WAVE 3 News for providing several platforms to expand our reach for these liturgies. The television broadcast was available for 99 of our 110 parishes, and those outside the WAVE viewing area were able to watch online. This was a wonderful service for our Church and for the community, and I wrote today to Ken Selvaggi, General Manager, to thank him and his staff for their partnership.

I thank Father Michael Wimsatt, pastor of the Cathedral, and his staff for all of their efforts, especially Maggie Cyphers for her initial outreach to WAVE 3 TV. I thank Saint Xavier and Trinity High Schools for sponsoring the broadcasts and helping to make them possible.

Thanks also to the deacons, cantors, lectors, acolytes, and musicians who helped with the liturgies and to Barry Mudd, associate director in the Office of Worship, who provided commentary for the Triduum liturgies. I thank Dr. Karen Shadle, Tammy Turner, and Barry from our archdiocesan Office of Worship who work so hard each year on the Chrism Mass (held on Tuesday of Holy Week) and to the four priests who joined me for the Chrism Mass this year. These priests represented all of our priests as they remotely renewed their priestly vows at the Chrism Mass.

I also thank those viewers who contacted us to provide feedback and helpful suggestions on how to improve our efforts at social distancing during the liturgies. This is a learning process for all of us.

Let us all join in prayer for a return to the time when we can worship together as the Body of Christ. In the meantime, I am grateful for the efforts of so many parishes to develop creative ways to serve.

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