Recently, our archdiocesan archivist, Fr. Dale Cieslik, shared a fascinating recording about our first bishop, Benedict Joseph Flaget, who served 40 years as bishop (1810-1850). This 30-minute audio was produced some time in the 1960s; the organization that produced it apparently no longer exists, so we had some difficulty pinning down the exact year. 

Produced by the American Catholic Heritage Recordings and pressed by the RCIA Victor Custom Record Department, this recording features former NBC “Today” Show anchor, Frank Blair.  Mr. Blair narrates the events of Bishop Flaget’s life in a compelling and interesting format that includes actual entries from his writings and letters recorded by John Martin as Bishop Flaget and Donald Babcock and Donald Kell, who played other characters in the story of the humble, holy, and amazing life of Bishop Flaget.

I hope you enjoy this recording, as I did, and I am happy to share with you: 

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