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The Archdiocese is firmly committed to reaching out to those who have been abused. In fact, for the sake of victims/survivors as well as for the integrity of the Church’s witness and ministry, it is critical that we know about and respond to those who have been victims of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by clergy or church employees.

If you have been a victim, please call our victim assistance coordinator, Ms. Martine Siegel at 502/636-1044 or Ms. Siegel will offer you and your family the assistance and resources that may assist you in your healing. Ms. Siegel will do an initial intake interview, explain how the Archdiocese can help, and provide information about the appropriate support services.  Ms. Siegel also will keep victims/survivors apprised of the results of any archdiocesan or criminal investigation.

Sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment cause deep hurt, which can be addressed through the assistance of skilled and reputable professional therapists. If requested and necessary, Ms. Siegel will coordinate appropriate assistance from the Archdiocese. She also will provide information about support groups and resources elsewhere for those who live outside the diocese.

The damage caused by abuse is spiritual as well as emotional. Ms. Siegel will provide you with spiritual direction and counseling resources when you are ready for this step.

If the abuse occurred in another diocese or involves a religious order, Ms. Siegel will assist you with the process of contacting that diocese or religious order.

See pages 22-23 in Restoring Trust: Response to Clergy Sexual Abuse Revised Policies & Procedures Manual.

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