Vocation Handbook Section Four

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What Support is Available to Diocesan Priests?

While each person is ultimately responsible for his own happiness, diocesan priests have at their disposal a generous array of personal and professional support.


Without priests, the church would not be able to carry out all those things which are at the very heart of her mission. The priesthood then is a gift to the church as a whole, a benefit to her life and mission. The Church, therefore, is called to safeguard this gift, to esteem it, and to love it. The laity, for their part, should realize their obligations toward their priests, and with love they should follow them as shepherds and fathers.

The Bishop

The bishop should always extend a special love and concern for his priests since they assume, in part, the bishop’s own duties and cares and carry the weight of them day by day. He should be concerned about his priests’ spiritual, intellectual, and material condi

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