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Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebrations

This feast of our Church is specifically significant to our Hispanic brothers and sisters, especially the Mexican community, since it celebrates the appearance of Our Lady to Juan Diego on a hill near Mexico City. A subsequent miraculous sign occurred as St. Juan Diego (canonized in 2002) sought to communicate her request that a church be built in her honor at the site. Juan Diego returned and discovered roses not indigenous to the area and growing out of season on the normally barren site. On December 12, 1531, he gathered these roses in his cloak and brought them to the Archbishop of Mexico City. As he opened the cloak, the roses fell and the image of Our Lady appeared on the cloak’s fabric. This image is one of Mexico’s most popular religious and cultural images.

Our Lady of Cobre Celebrations

More information coming soon.

Our Lord of the Miracles Celebrations

More information coming soon.

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