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Contact information for the Archdiocese of Louisville facilities

Pastoral Center
Archbishop’s Office, Archdiocesan Communications Office (Public Relations), Office of Parish Leadership Development, Office of Priest Personnel, Continuing Formation for Clergy; Finance Office, Metropolitan Tribunal, Office of Mission Advancement, Office of Personnel

Address: 3940 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY 40213-1463
Phone: (502) 585-3291
Fax: (502) 585-2466

Maloney Center
Archdiocesan Communications Office (The Record Newspaper, Radio and TV Ministries); Diaconate Office;  Office of Multicultural Ministry, Vocation Office, Office of Worship, Family Ministries Office (Including Counseling Services), Faith Formation Office, Office of Youth and Young Adults

Address: 1200 South Shelby Street, Louisville, Ky. 40203-2600
Phone: (502) 636-0296
Fax: (502) 636-2379

Flaget Center
Street address: 1935 Lewiston Drive, Louisville, Ky. 40216
Mailing address: Same
Phone: (502) 448-8581
Fax: (502) 448-5518
Flaget Retreat Center

Catholic Cemeteries
Street address: 1600 Newburg Road, Louisville, Ky. 40204
Mailing address: P.O. Box 4096, Louisville, Ky. 40204
Phone: (502) 451-7710
Fax: (502) 456-9270

Catholic Charities
Street address: 2911 S 4th Street, Louisville, Ky. 40208
Mailing address: Same
Phone: (502) 637-9786
Fax: (502) 637-9780

Catholic Enrichment Center
Street address: 3146 West Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 40211
Mailing address: Same
Phone: (502) 776-0262
Fax: (502) 776-1962

Sister Visitor Center
Street address: 2235 West Market Street, Louisville, Ky. 40212
Mailing address: Same
Phone: (502) 776-0155, (502) 776-0434

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