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Year of Mercy Resources

There are a number of good books and other resources on the topic of mercy available for individuals, book clubs, adult study groups, and small Christian communities. They are listed below. For more information, please call the Art Turner in the faith formation department of the Office of Lifelong Formation and Education, 502/448-8481 or email


Beautiful Mercy: Experiencing God’s Unconditional Love So We Can Share It with Others
Author: Matthew Kelly and Twenty-Six Catholic Authors
Publisher: Dynamic Catholic

“By focusing on the seven spiritual and seven corporal works of mercy, it inspires readers to realize that extraordinary acts of love are possible for us all-no matter where we are in life.”

The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church
Author: Pope Francis
Publisher: Loyola Press

“Having been touched by Jesus’ mercy and chosen by him, we are sent out, sinners that we are, to be heralds, missionary disciples, of divine mercy. Our desire is the same as that of Pope Francis: that everyone experiences the Church as merciful.”

Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach
Author: Fr. Scott Hurd
Publisher: Pauline Books and Media

“Drawing from his pastoral experience, in twenty-four short chapters, Father Hurd examines how human weakness affects such things as our ability to forgive and reconcile, our capacity to trust, and how we cope when a plea for forgiveness is rejected by a person we have wronged.”

The Forgiveness Book: A Catholic Approach
Authors: Alice Camille and Fr. Paul Boudreau
Publisher: ACTA Publications

“What is forgiveness? Why is it so hard to forgive? In The Forgiveness Book: A Catholic Approach, award-winning authors Alice Camille and Fr. Paul Boudreau address these questions and many more by thoroughly examining what Scripture has to say about those who trespass against us, and what it takes to accomplish the difficult act of forgiveness all from a distinctly Catholic point of view.”

The Geography of God’s Mercy: Stories of Compassion and Forgiveness
Author: Fr. Patrick Hannon
Publisher: ACTA Publications

“Fr. Hannon offers a collection of personal stories that delve into the deeper meaning and importance of forgiveness. Whether he is describing the endless compassion of his mother’s love for her horde of children, or his sister’s fervent closing argument to a jury for mercy on a young mother cornered into shoplifting in order to feed her children, readers will find themselves entranced by his engaging and poignant stories. Fr. Hannon uses the different geographies of the world (desert, mountain, forest) as a framework for his book.”

Magnificat Year of Mercy Companion
Authors; Various
Publisher: Ignatius Press

“This is a comprehensive page-a-day booklet to help you encounter and share the Father’s Mercy. Each day of the week offers a different way to experience and live the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. This is a handy and useful aid for spiritual growth throughout the year. This is an excellent resource to encourage ongoing conversion and fruitful discussions at home, in parish small groups, and in schools.”

Premeditated Mercy: A Spirituality of Reconciliation
Author: Joseph Nassal
Publisher: Forest of Peace Books

“Fr. Joseph Nassal outlines a comprehensive and transformative spirituality of reconciliation. He offers a recipe for preparing a meal of mercy in the pattern of the Gospels. Jesus’ challenge is clear enough. We are to reconcile with one another before bringing our gifts to the altar, for that table reflects God’s desire that we live in a holy communion with all people. Premeditated mercy suggests that in our silent prayer before the altar we ponder the breach in relationship and plot a strategy that will lead to reconciliation. “

Threshold Bible Study: Divine Mercy
Author: Stephen J. Binz
Publisher: Twenty Third Publications

“When we study the Bible-both Old and New Testament-we discover that God’s most fundamental attribute is mercy. The God revealed in Scripture suffers with his creatures and has a heart for the poor and the lost…In this Threshold Bible Study, Stephen J. Binz helps individuals and groups open the door to the heart of Scripture-the heart of Divine Mercy.”


Doors of Mercy: Exploring God’s Covenant with You
(8-part series with DVD and books)
Main Presenter: Fr. Jeffrey Kirby
Publisher: St. Benedict Press

“Doors of Mercy: Exploring God’s Covenant with You is an 8-week journey through salvation history, from God’s merciful promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, to the prophets’ call to renewal, to the fulfillment of God’s promises in Christ. Each weekly session is capped by insights from various Catholic authors, speakers, and clergy, which demonstrate the power of Divine Mercy in the world today, inspiring you to seek God’s mercy and to foster a closer relationship with Christ.”

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