We’re Glad You’re Here

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We’re Glad You’re Here

CATHCONN_smIf you have been away from the Church, Christ longs for your return to join Him in the praise of God at weekly worship. There are many reasons why Catholics leave the Church: they may have drifted away or may have been away for some time and feel uncomfortable about what to expect when coming back. They may have experienced a marriage difficulty, a hurtful situation, overwhelming circumstances in life, disagreements about Church teaching or practice, or disappointment in a particular person or parish community. If you want to return, we’re willing to listen to your story, work out whatever problems have occurred, or just simply welcome you home.

The Archdiocese is holding listening sessions at locations throughout our Archdiocese. Other resources include the Tribunal to address marriage issues, individuals who will walk with you as you return to the Church, family counseling, education and formation programs, and so on. Perhaps you just wish to receive printed information or our archdiocesan newspaper at this point. (See links below.) We will do whatever we can to help. All of these resources will be shared at the listening sessions or you are welcome to email or call our office at 502/585-3291 or a local parish to seek further assistance.

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Please share your concerns or questions. We want to help.

Find information about marriage and divorce in the Church.

Find out how to reconnect to a parish community.

For information about returning to the Church after having been away for years.

Find information about education in the faith.

For reading material about Catholics beliefs and practices.

Obtain a free copy of the archdiocesan newspaper, The Record.

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