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See list below of reading material on a sampling of topics about the Catholic faith.
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9360X – The Catholic Church - Who Are We
C0807 – What it Means to be Catholic
LPT078 – How Does a Person Become Catholic
C0194 – Why Be Catholic?
C0512 – The Nicene Creed: What We Believe
C0704 – Choosing and Using a Bible: What Catholics Should Know
C0613 – Scripture and Tradition: Revealing God’s Plan
C1006 – Eucharist: A Short History
C0305 – We Believe in the Resurrection
C0911 – A Walk Through The Mass - Step-By-Step
C1112 – Nine Reasons for Going to Mass: Thanksgiving Every Sunday
AL001 – Posture at Mass: Kneeling
AL002 – Posture at Mass: Standing
C0895 – What Are Sacraments?
C0800 – How to Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation Today
C0301 – Sacraments of Initiation, Sacraments of Invitation
C0502 – A New Look at the RCIA Journey for the Entire Parish
C0604 – Bringing Your Marriage Into the Church: Convalidation of Civil Marriages
C1002 – 10 Questions About Annulment
C0995 – Gospel of Life: An Abbreviated Version of Pope John Paul II’s Pro-Life Encyclical
C0902 – In Support of Life: The U.S. Bishops’ New Pro-Life Plan
C0702 – The Mystery of Suffering - How Should I Respond
C0313B – Pope Francis
C0511 – What the Church Teaches About Immigration Policy
C0799 – What the Church Teaches About Homosexuality
C1001 – Do Catholics Worship Images?
C0606 – Preparing for Marriage: 10 Tools for the Journey
C1211 – Economic Justice for All: 25th Anniversary, Wisdom for Today
C0409 – Sacraments of Initiation: God’s ‘I Love You.’
C0413 – Peace on Earth: God’s Dream, Our Task
C0812 – Why Catholics Care About Religious Liberty

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