Inviting Friends and Family Back

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Inviting Friends and Family Back

CATHCONN_smPlease include the name(s) of family members or friends who you think would welcome an invitation to reconnect to the Catholic Church. For this purpose we are defining those who are inactive as baptized Catholics who are not involved in the worship, educational, or social life of a parish or school. We also try to avoid proselytizing, that is “recruiting” those who have joined another faith tradition.

Because this is an archdiocesan-wide campaign, please feel free to identify persons outside your parish borders. Those whom you identify will receive a personal letter from Archbishop Kurtz inviting them to reconnect with a faith community. Archbishop Kurtz also will ask them to consider attending one of several listening sessions to be held in February, and he will offer other resources and assistance.

Please note that this information will not be shared with others, and we will not use the names or information for any other purpose.

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