Today, Father Joseph Hemmerle received a seven-year sentence following his conviction on one count of indecent or immoral practices with a minor.

No child should have to experience abuse of any kind.  The Archdiocese is committed to reaching out to victims of sexual abuse and preventing the sexual abuse of minors through training and education. We continue to encourage victims of sexual abuse by Church employees to contact the police and our Victim Assistance Coordinator, Martine Siegel at 502/636-1044 or

At this time, Father Hemmerle remains a priest who has been suspended from ministry and has been directed not to present himself as a priest, pending the results of the criminal proceedings, which will continue with another trial this year. After the criminal process is complete, Father Hemmerle’s case will be given to the Holy See for a final determination of his status as a priest.

Archdiocese of Louisville
February 9, 2017

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