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Hope in the Lord: Archives


01/17/2013 “Lingering” and the New Evangelization
01/31/2013 Raising Standards — Catholic Schools
02/07/2013 Promoting the Sanctity of Life
02/21/2013 Creating a Budget for Lent
03/14/2013 Papal Conclave Reveals a “Living Reality”
03/28/2013 Mercy: The Lord’s Most Powerful Message
04/11/2013 Grace Comes Alive
04/25/2013 Sacrificial Love and Working for Justice
05/09/2013 Precious Innocent Life
05/23/2013 St. Paul on Twitter?
06/13/2013 Meeting with the Dalai Lama
06/25/2013 Hope in the Lord – The Gift of Our Priests


01/12/2012 Catholic Health Care and the Role of the Archbishop
01/26/2012 Catholic Schools: Faith, Academics, Service
02/02/2012 A Wedding is a Day; A Marriage is a Lifetime
02/23/2012 Rouse Yourself for Lent
03/08/2012 Walking in the Footsteps of our Holy Father
03/22/2012 The Gift of Sexuality
04/05/2012 An Easter Message
04/26/2012 John 12:21 — We Wish To See Jesus
05/10/2012 Six Weeks Until “Fortnight for Freedom”
05/24/2012 Doing Well In Life — A Deeper Look
06/07/2012 The Door of Faith — God’s Love Overflows
06/21/2012 Be a Good Neighbor and Citizen by Praying, Learning and Acting During the Fortnight for Freedom
07/05/2012 Catholic Extension Society: Building Faith, Inspiring Hope, Igniting Change
08/22/2012 Ardor and Apathy
09/06/2012 Christ Making an Impression
09/20/2012 Conscience and Faithful Citizenship
10/04/2012 Respect Life Month
10/18/2012 Greetings from the Eternal City
11/01/2012 News from Rome
11/15/2012 Our Need for Salvation in the Church
11/29/2012 “Serene Courage” — An Oxymoron?
12/13/2012 Archbishop Kelly and Provinces


12/01/2011 A Silent Prayer, A Heart More Generous
12/15/2011 Gaudete: The Crib Has the Secret of Joy
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