June 26, 2020 (Louisville, Ky.)–In a letter sent yesterday to pastors, principals, and presidents of the 48 Catholic PK-12 schools in seven counties of central Kentucky, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz announced that Catholic schools will resume in-person instruction on their previously announced first day of school, which for Catholic schools in Jefferson County is on or around August 12. (Schools located outside of Jefferson County typically align their schedules to the public system of that county.)

Archbishop Kurtz noted that the Church’s response to the pandemic has been grounded in Catholic social teaching about the common good, and this will guide the necessary changes in school routines and protocols. “Thus the sound public health principles that we have been observing: social distancing, masks, diligent personal hygiene, health checks and clean facilities will all be part of this new reality,” he said. He stated that Superintendent of Schools Leisa Schulz also adjusted the school calendar to give schools greater flexibility to make changes as needed.

Archbishop Kurtz thanked Superintendent Leisa Schulz and her staff in the Office of Catholic Schools for their careful collaboration with Catholic school presidents and principals, the Kentucky Department of Education and the Department of Public Health and Wellness in Jefferson County as they worked on reopening plans. Early next week, the Office of Catholic Schools will release guidelines to aid school administrators with local planning efforts.

Ms. Schulz noted, “Our guidelines are consistent with those released by the state of Kentucky. Because of the diversity in the size and facilities of our schools, the implementation of these guidelines may differ in various locations. School leaders will directly communicate details about their implementation plans to families.”

Archbishop Kurtz closed his letter with words of encouragement to pastors and school leaders, “With our Catholic school strengths of strong communities, robust parental involvement, local decision-making and academic and faith formation excellence, I am confident that we can be nimble and prepared to safely offer our children and youth the fine Catholic school education that they have come to expect.”

For information, call: Cecelia Price at 502/585-3291 (office) or 502/417-7187 (cell).

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