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Work of the People: The Catholic Mass

This video series highlights the role of the assembly at Mass with explanations, examples, and commentary from our own parishes and parishioners here in the Archdiocese of Louisville. It comprises six brief (3-4 minute) videos – an introduction and five “snapshots” of the assembly’s role at specific points in the Mass. A study guide for each video includes:

  • A summary of the content
  • Key learning outcomes
  • Questions for discussion
  • Ways to put these ideas into practice
  • Quotations from Church documents that support the content

The introductory study guide includes ideas for how to use this series in your parish.


Collecting Our Prayers

Bringing Our Gifts


Singing as Prayer

Conversations with Archbishop Kurtz

See a discussion between Archbishop Joseph Kurtz and Chancellor Dr. Brian Reynolds about this series.

Story in The Record on the role of the assembly at Mass:

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