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Salt & Light Giving Society

See a slideshow from our reception for Salt & Light Giving Society Members.

Archbishop Kurtz extends his gratitude to the members of the Salt and Light Giving Society for the 2016 Catholic Services Appeal.

The Salt and Light Giving Society honors donors who provide for the work of the Archdiocese of Louisville through a leadership gift to the 2016 Catholic Services Appeal. Thank you to the 1,902 members that have joined the Society and provided their support for the work of the Archdiocese of Louisville.

The following online member recognitions are as of June 30, 2017.

Steve and Kathy Ford
Bill and Jill Howard
Deacon Mark and Julie Kelley
Ginny Mackin
Carolyn McBride

Steve and Peg Diebold
Epiphany Catholic Church
Bernie Fineman
Dean and May Giulitto
Randy and Karen Graehler
Deacon Scott and Jo Ann Haner
Darryl and Teri Isaacs
Sally Newcomb
Jay Paradis
Jim and Dot Patterson
Earl and Bridget Reed
Steve and Robin Sedita
Jim and Catherine Smith
Len and Susan Spalding
Martha Wagner
Bobby and Sandy Wolf
Deacon Greg and Shirley Beavin
Al and Sandy Bissmeyer
Christy Brown
Bob and Cathy Brown
Dennis and Mary Carey
Bob and Deedie Cooper
Patrick and Rita Debes
Father Pat Dolan
Jean Dudgeon
Catherine Evans/Evans Construction Company, Inc.
James Fahringer
Donald and Carol Giffen
Greg and Linda Gleis
Bill and Joyce Godfrey
Carmin and Claudia Grandinetti
Al and Barbara Horton
Deede Baque Jones
Richard Kaelin
Theodore and Anna Kaufman
Patricia Tafel Kirchdorfer
Sandra Lucero
Chuck and Sally Lynch
The Honorable Romano L. Mazzoli
Dusty and Becki McCoy
Robert and Susan Means
James Meyers
Robert Montgomery
Archie and Mary Kay Parsley
Peter and Dianna Pepe
Steven and Mary Raible
Father Don Ryan
Bill and Kaelin Rybak
Saint John Vianney Catholic Chruch
Arlene Schlader
Betty Schutte
Gloria Shrader
Dave and Sandy Snowden
Matthew and Lori Sweat
Roy and Susan Toutant
Shelly Trefes
Cora Veza
Joseph and Doris Walsh
John and Jeannie Wasz
Father Bob Abel
Troy Ansert
Michael and Michele Arledge
Robert and Judith Ayotte
Stephen Barr
Rev. C. Joseph Batcheldor
Robert Becker
Tom and Mary Dennis Bennett
Peter Bissig
Larry and Jan Bloemer
Mike and Mary Bousamra
Father Terry Bradshaw
Deacon Bryan and Jennifer Bush
Brad Calobrace
Deacon Bob and Ann Caspar
Jim and Mary Conner
Dan and Sharon Conway
James and Madeleine Cronin
John and Moira Daly
David and Cynthia Daunhauer
Father Gary Davis
Matt and Debbie Durkin
Philip and Anne Feitelson
Candy Ford
Jeffrey and Sandra Fowler
Matthew Gahlinger
Father Larry Gelthaus
Brian and Barbara Glanz
Jerry and Debbie Gonsoski
David and Linda Graeser
Father Joe Graffis
Tim and Heidi Graham
Jeremy and Jessica Gray
Don and Jennifer Greulich
Tink and Lucia Guthrie
Michael and Kimberly Haering
Leo Hamilton
Ed and Cathy Harpring
Bob and Cindy Heleringer
Edward and Margaret Hennekes
Carl and Carleen Herde
George and Barbara Higgins
Scott and Beth Hill
Fred and Karen Horlander
Jerry and Judy Howard
John and Joy Huckestein
Guy and Debbie Huelat
Rodney and Linda Jedlicki
Don and Mary Carol Kelly
Benjamin Klausing
Bruce and Sherri Kramer
Anne Kupper
Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D.
Rich and Janice Lechleiter
Father Jeffrey Leger
Charlie and Dolores Leis
Father Martin Linebach
Steve and Cheri Lineweaver
Deacon John and Carolyn Maher
Frank and Mary Manion
Deacon Stephen and Marcia Marks
Jeffrey and Sally Mayrose
John and Joan Morris
Keith and Jeanie Mouser
Steve and Elizabeth Mullins
Scott and Vivian Neagli
Bill and Karen Newcomb
Jack and Michelle Newcomb
Brian and Krystal Norris
Gil and Judith Nutt
Philomena O’Connor
Dan O’Hara
Stephen Owen
Charles and Akure Paradis
Michael and Deana Paradis
John and Cecelia Price
Fred and Anne Ralston
Merwin and Julieanne Ray
Father Jim Reinhart
Skip and Pat Reinhart
Bob and Debbie Roberts
Mark and Rose Schaeffer
John and Jenna Schulten
William and Donna Sengelaub
Mike and Pat Sermersheim
Deacon Michael and Charlotte Shumway
Evelyn Siemens
Jeremy and Julie Smith
Ted and Jane Smith
Violet Smith
Doug Stegner
Father Roy Stiles
John and Devon Strain
Father Bob Stuempel
Dan and Dorothy Sweeny
John Taylor
John and Mary Tierney
Ray Tillman
Father Joe Voor
The Wells Foundation
Bill Weaver
Jeremy White
Ruth Wimsatt
Tom and Rhonda Wimsett
David and Pauline Wren
Deacon Pat and Sandy Wright
Sandra Ackerman
Rick Adrio
John and Theresa Allen
Rosemarie Allocco
Robert and Linda Anderson
Caley Arnold
Bob and Michele Ash
Jennifer Asiago
Michael and Nicole Atkinson
James and Margaret Avis
Deacon Jerry and Susie Babin
Bernie and Linda Bacher
Earl and Ellen Baker
Marinell Baker
Joselito and Grace Maria Balatbat
Pat Barber
Steve and Willa Barger
Bill and Mary Florence Barnes
James and Lucy Barnhart
Mac Barr
Stephen and Janet Barrett
Charlotte Barton
John and Debbie Bates
Michael and Susan Bauer
Pedro and Victoria Baula
Joseph and Carol Beam
Blake and Pamela Beattie
David and Judy Beaven
Stephan and Denise Becker
Donnie Beeler
Gerald and Irene Beeler
Father Jerry Bell
Joseph and Lynette Bender
Jerry and Martha Bennett
Patty Bennett
Steve and Susie Bennett
Robert and Nora Benson
Matias and Maria Bentel
Margaret Bergamini
Ed and Trudy Berger
Lana Berger
Salvatore and Kathy Bertolone
Mary Elise Biegert
Mike and Mary Biggs
Ethan and Tristan Blackburn
Pamela Blair
Joseph and Emma Blakeley
Daniel and Kathy Blandford
Eddie and Carolyn Blandford
Lawrence and Tara Blandford
Kathy Blanton
Daniel and Wendy Block
Eunice Blocker
Darrell and Kim Boadway
Colleen Boeckmann
Richard and Beverly Boeckmann
Monica Bohn
Father Tom Boland
Frances Boley
Bernie and Elaine Boone
Jeffrey and Elaine Boone
Silvana Boyd
Timothy and Joanne Boyle
Tom and Debbie Brahm
Richard and Janet Brangers
Robert and Mary Brauner
Orlando and Leticia Bravo
Voltaire and Fe Briones
Allen and Mary Broussard
Deacon Charles and Fran Brown
Father Nick Brown
Wayne Brown
Ben Brumleve
Father Peter Bucalo
Margaret Buisson
Greg and Teri Burch
Al and Mary Jo Burke
Father John Burke
James and Ellen Burkhardt
William and Anne Burnham
Gabriel and Carrie Byrne
Dave and Jamie Calzi
Eric and Michelle Cameron
William and Mary Beth Camp
Steve and Cheryl Canada
James Carrico
Fred and Barbara Carroll
Mary Carroll
William and Sandra Carroll
Deacon Lucio and Therese Caruso
Robert Cashen
Paul and Karen Casi
Mikel and Donna Cassaro
Alvin Cassidy
Inez Caswell
Joan Chandler
Janet Chatham
Christine Cissell
Joan Cissell
Dennis and Dorothy Clark
Fred and Lois Clark
Teresa Clifton
Kathleen Clines
Bill and Rosie Cochran
Randy and Christe Coe
Elena Colunga
Ken and Margie Conard
Lou and Jenifer Conkling
Patrick and Rosie Cooper
Nick and Emily Costello
James and Linda Cotter
Jerry and Mary Cox
Rita Crawford
Father Leo Craycroft
William and Clara Croce
Mike and Mary Anne Cronan
David Cruse
Marc and Lisa DeJaco Crutcher
Berry and Kelly Curtis
David and Maggie Cyphers
Shirley Daly
Michael and Kayla Daniels
Rick and Karen Daniels
Thomas Davis
Greg and Sheila Dawson
Dean and Joan Deakins
Mark and Bev Dean
William and Patricia Deatrick
Bruce and Juanita Deckel
Doreen DeGeare
Father Pat Delahanty
Craig and Sarah Dilger
Jerry and Nannette Ditsler
Dominican Friars
Tim and Peggy Donahue
David and Danna Dones
Patrick and Merry Dougherty
Paul and Diann Dries
Michael and Deborah Duffey
Bob Duffy
Tom and Colette Dumstorf
John Dunlevy
Father Shayne Duvall
Kathleen Dwyer
Scott and Karen Edberg
Don and Virginia Edelen
Tawana Edwards
Carolyn Elder
Ted and Sharon Elsesser
Steve and Chris Embry
Jim and Jo Erwin
Pat and Gail Evans
Theresa Evans
Nick Eve
Jim and Mary Ewing
Deacon Rick and Julie Fagan
Paula Fargen
Richard Farrar
Scott and Cynthia Federico
Chris and Mary Feger
David and Maura Fennell
Rev. William L. Fichteman
Mary Fiedler
Tim and Julia Filiatreau
Albert and Patricia Fiorini
Don and Kirsti Fitzpatrick
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Fitzpatrick
David and Suellen Fleckenstein
David Ford
Johnnie and Jackie Ford
Louis Ford
Bob and Bonnie Foulks
Charlie and Sandy Francesconi
Robert and Laura Frankrone
Paul and Mary Alice Franz
Charles Freibert
C. J. and Marie French
Mary Ruth French
Ray French
Vicki Futrell
Anna Lee Gahm
Patti Gahm
Mike and Kathy Gardner
Mark and Lindsay Gehl
Luigi and Liz Gelsomini
Father Harry Gelthaus
Father Tom Gentile
Salem and Eva George
Timothy and Ann George
Thomas and Barbara Gephart
Joe and Mary Gilene
Timothy Gillespie
Deacon Greg and Tracy Gitschier
Chris and Shellee-Ayn Godfrey
Robert Gonsalves
Bob and Kathy Goodin
Robert Goodin
Robert and Rose Goodlett
Lane and Josette Goulet
Emil and Nancy Graeser
Kurt and Janet Graeser
Father Jim Graf
Steve and Elaine Gravatte
Father Bob Gray
Concetta Greenleaf
Barbara Greenwell
Paul and Kathy Grisanti
Michael Grosse
Elmer and Filipinas Guerrero
William and Melissa Gunter
Kurt and Lisa Gutting
Father Jim Hackett
Joe and Patricia Hagerty
Carol Halbleib
Steve and Mary Ann Hale
Marc and Cindy Hall
Philip and Mary Lou Hambrick
Alex and Mary Hamilton
David and Jackie Hamilton
Stephen and Sylvia Hamilton
Tom and Karen Hamilton
Mike and Linda Hamlyn
Bob and Andrea Hammer
Father Bill Hammer
Joan Hammer
Tony and Jeanne Hammond
John and Jean Hanley
Father Matthew Hardesty
David and Sarah Hardy
Pat and Terry Hargadon
Jo Ann Harris
John and Julie Harris
Betty Harrison
Deacon Bob and Kathy Hart
Alan and Veronica Hartlage
James and Mary Harty
Mike and Ann Hasken
Philip and Sally Hasselwander
Robert and Karen Hausladen
David and Mary Haydon
John and Jeannine Hayes
Larry and Patricia Heck
Mildred Heckman†
Carl and Pat Heger
David and Jennie Heintzman
Bob and Judy Helfrich
Father Joe Hemmerle
Wes and Julie Henderson
David and Erin Hennen
Andy and Laura Hennessey
Robert Hennig
Amanda Hettich
Louis Hettinger
Brian and Jeannie Hickman
Father Don Hill
Michael and Christine Hill
Robert and Ann Hinote
Patricia Hobbs
Richard and Jean Hollenkamp
George and Lee Holtzmann
Scott and Kathi Horan
Deacon David Hotz
Ed and Chris Hovan
Father Randy Hubbard
Randall Hubbard
Bill Huber
Marilyn Huber
Robert Hublar
Mary Hufnagel
Linda Hughes
Bernard and Sherry Ice
Bob and Donna Iezzi
Carlotta Ingram
James and Michele Jackson
Lillian Jarnagin
Father Wayne Jenkins
Joyce Jennings
Wayne and Mary Beth Johnson
Alvin Kaelin
Father Kenny Kamber
Deacon Bob and Patricia Kampschaefer
Norma Karibo
Jamie and Kathi Kauffman
Donald Kavanaugh
Catherine Keene
Dan and Cathy Kelley
Paul Kelty
Ralph Kempf
Bertrand Kennedy
Virginia Kern
Andrew and Betty Kieta
David and Karen King
John and Emma King
Pat and Helen King
Steve and Julia Kiper
Virginia Klapheke
Jack and Linda Klawitter
Deacon Greg and Pat Klinglesmith
Father Fred Klotter
Deacon Bill and Barbara Klump
Tom and Tammy Kmetz
Stephen and Sandra Kmiec
Father Ron Knott
Deacon Jack and Donna Koenig
Louis and Mary Anne Kosse
Ramsey and Carol Kraft
Anthony and Mildred Krainski
Bertrand Krekel
Michael and Karol Kupper
Thomas and Kay Kupper
Rick and Theris Kute
Kenny and Amy LaFollette
Mary Ann LaFollette
Bud and Dolores Lally
Charles E. Lancaster, Sr.
Joseph Lancaster
Joe and Kelly Landenwich
Charles and Kathleen Lanham
Mike and Ceil Lanham
Mike and Rita Ann Lauer
Lisa Layman
Sheron Lear
Doug and Shonda Leasor
Carol Leet
Joe and Kit Leon
Mary Celeste Lerman
Keith and Sherry Lerme
Dan and Barbara Letterle
Edna Lewis†
Gary and Debra Lewis
Paul and Karen Lichtefeld
Father Dan Lincoln
William and Katherine Lintner
Darlene Livers
Charles Ludwig
Daniel and Joanie Ludwig
Marvin and Mildred Maeser
Thomas Maloney
Peggy Mangeot
John and Rosie Mangino
Terence and Sharon Marfleet
Ted and Theresa Marks
Jim and Betty Martin
John and Sarah Mascarich
Donald Mattingly
Gerard and Annette Mattingly
Lynn and Joan Mattingly
Pat and Mahala Mattingly
Deacon Dennis and Cheryl May
John and Joan May
Tim and Victoria Mayer
David and Tracy McCalpin
Ruth McClish
Dennis and Mary McCormick
Chad and Holly McCoy
Mark and Susan McCullough
Michael and Joan McDonald
Tim and Loretta McGinty
Jeff and Anita McGlaun
Deacon Jim and Carol McGoff
Mary Alice McIntyre
Deacon Keith and Catherine McKenzie
P.K. and Karen McNeley
Bob and Janie McQueen
Nick and Nancy Meiers
Larry and Leone Mentzer
Martin Merkel
Jeffrey and Peggy Merman
Ken and Patricia Merrick
David and Denise Meyer
James Miles
Edwin Miller
Jason and Jeanne Miller
Ray and Berni Miller
Trudy Miller
James and Marie Miskell
Thomas and Cheryl Mitchell
Ronnie and Lucie Mohr
Jack and Marilyn Monohan
Roy and Nancy Montfort
Barbara Montgomery
Rich and Pat Montgomery
Steve and Pam Montgomery
Vince and Debbie Montgomery
Chuck and Rita Moore
Ambrose and Susan Moormann
Chris and Dawn Mooser
Martha Mora
Myron and Mary Morgan
Thomas and Erin Moriarty
Jane Morris
Jimmy Morris
Patricia Morris
Sam and Mary Moseley
Curtis and Elizabeth Moudry
Don and Caryn Mucci
Ann Mudd
Jim and Ruth Mueller
Duncan and Linda Murley
Christopher Murphy
Buddy and Jane Naber
Deacon Dennis and Teresa Nash
Jerry and Trish Nash
Michael Nash
Nancy Naughton and Lincoln Lewis, Jr
Father David Naylor
David and Reed Nett
Catherine Newton
Father Anthony Ngo
Jack and Freda Nicholson
Father Jeff Nicolas
William Nunnelley
Josh and Jessica O’Bryan
Mark and Mary Lee O’Bryan
Robert O’Bryan
Paul Olliges
Garold and Mary Olsen
Frederick and Rose Omweri
John and Jackie O’Neil
Mike and Betsy O’Neill
Teresita Oropilla
Father Stan Osborne
Greg and Laurel Padgett
Phyllis Parker
Brian and Karen Pate
Jim Patterson
Mike and Pat Payne
Robert and Nancy Perronie
Ron and Pam Person
Mark and Kathy Peters
Chuck and Gloria Pfeifer
Herb and Linda Phillips
Aaron and Teri Lynn Pierce
Joseph and Nancy Pierce
Mike Platt
Robbie Polin
Mike and Sally Potter
Bob and Mary Anne Powers
Gerald Powers
Joe and Jennie Prather
Mark and Holly Preischel
Dennis and Kathy Price
Deacon Joe and Cissy Raibert
Eleanor Rapier
James and Pam Ratterman
Father Bob Ray
Russ and Terri Read
Theresa Reesor
Bob and Anita Reh
Bobbie Reinert
Steven and Deborah Reiss
Rick and Elizabeth Remmers
Patrick and Stephanie Renn
Father Charlie Reteneller
Brian and Cathy Reynolds
Donald and Lynn Rice
Vicki Richie
Charlie and Janice Ricketts
Matthew and Melissa Ricketts
Roger and Linda Roalofs
Kevin Robbins
Drs. Theresa Corrigan and Craig Roberts
Hank and Karen Robinson
Steven Rogers
Jayne Romano
Jimmy Roth
Eric and Jenny Rouchka
Deacon Mark and Kim Rougeux
Dan and Leslie Rueff
John and Mary Lynne Russell
Tommy and Mary Russell
Pete Rutledge
Tim and Jennifer Rutledge
Susan Ryan-Bisig
Father David Sanchez
Greg and Mary Ann Sanders
Perry Sangalli
Jim and Joan Sauer
David and Sally Sauerbeck
Mark Schipp
Henry and Mary Jane Schmidt
Jay and Becky Schmidt
Robert and Barbara Schmidt
Tom and Anne Schmitt
Scott and Erin Schneider
Keith and Cyndi Schnell
James and Jane Schnuck
Jeff and Sandy Schoen
Charles Schoenjahn
Lance and Jeanette Schortmann
Vickie Schuckmann
Mark and Virginia Schulte
William and Leisa Schulz
Father John Schwartzlose
Rick and Peggy Schweinhart
Jeremy and Jennifer Scobee
Dean and Susan Sears
Robert and Bobbie Sears
Gerard and Jane Senn
Bob and Nora Sessoms
Mark and Tracy Shacklette
Thomas and Lisa Shannon
William and Patricia Shapleigh
Thomas and Joanne Sherman
Erika Shook
Robb and Anna Shrader
Scott and Melody Shuler
John and Anne Simms
Robert and Alison Singleton
Kim Sipes
Normaline Skees
John and Leslie Smart
Brendan and Patricia Smith
Deacon Steve and Jan Smith
Deborah Smith
Father Tony Smith
Janie Smith
Tim Smith
Ralph and Dorothy Sneve
Gene and Christie Snowden
Francis and Jane Southall
Lois Southall
Aaron and Kristin Spalding
Father J.Mark Spalding
Richard and Peggy Spalding
Bill and Sharon Spath
Eileen Spears
Craig and Ann Spencer
Mark and Michelle Spina
Ken Stammerman
John and Patricia Stansbury
Bob Stark
Alan and Jeanne Steiden
Marion Steiner
Peter and Lisa Steiner
Michael and Pamela Stich
Larry and Ann Stickler
Marvin and Martha Stober
Father John Stoltz
Mark and Tonya Stoltz
Doris Stonska
Martin and Mary Ann Storch
Jeff and Judy Storck
Jim and Susan Strain
James and Diane Stuckert
Paul and Belinda Stuecker
Phil and Joy Stuecker
David Stuedle
Dennis and Mary Stumph
Gerald and Pamela Sturgeon
Father Dick Sullivan
Joseph and Laura Sullivan
Michael and Audra Swearingen
Tony and Peggy Swindall
Kenny and Liz Tabb
Paul and Nancy Tadatada
James Tavelli
Paul and Diane Taylor
Ron and Anna Nicole Taylor
Todd and Alice Taylor
Kelly and Pam Terwilliger
Charlie and Melinda Tewell
Ha and Nga Thanh
Ken and Melinda Thieneman
Darrell and Sharon Thomas
Mark and Diane Thomas
Mark and Renee Thomas
Nicky and Linda Thomas
James and Mary Thompson
Kevin and Debbie Thompson
Father Jerry Timmel
Judy Tingle
Frank Tonini
Rick and Denise Tonini
Shannon Marie Toomey
Raymond and Deborah Triplett
Bert and Barbara Trompeter
Anita Twiss
Kevin and Marybeth Uhls
Audrey Vaghei
Leila Vaghei
Bruce and Marlene Van Wagner
Guillermo and Judy Vanegas
Scott and Kristie Vanlandingham
Paul and Mary VanVactor
Joe and Ahna Venezia
Gerald and Kathy Vowels
Father Bill Wagner
Walt Wagner
Dorothy Walker
Father Chuck Walker
Larry and Kathy Walker
William Ward
Doris Warren
Harold and Teresa Watson
Martha Weisbach
Wade and Penny Wellman
Nancy Welter
Marcus and Teresa Wethington
James and Cheryl Whelan
Dave and Inez White
Jerry and Cathy White
Ray and Beulah Whitfill
Charles and Ann Whitlock
James and Carolyn Whitlock
Doug and Ellen Wichmann
Robert and Donna Wiech
Marshall and Phyliss Wilkins
Doug and Judy Willems
Cissie Willets
Fred and Sally Williams
Greg and Maureen Williams
David and Marie Wilson
Father Al Wilson
Greg and Melissa Wilson
Father Michael Wimsatt
David and Joan Winkler
Teresita Wisdom
Maxwell and Heather Wise
Fred and Detsi Woerner
Michael and Kathleen Woerner
Scott and Sondra Wojciak
Dane and Amanda Wolz
Frank and Keitt Wood
Ron and Valerie Wurth
Anna Marie Yates
David and Clarissa Yates
Barbara Young
Cliff Young
Bill and Marisa Zoeller
Barbara Zwischenberger
Todd and Betty Abney
Betty Achino
Harry and Marilyn Acosta
Paulette Adams
Terry and Annette Adams
Mike and Amy Adams-Littell
Carol Adkins
Deborah Albrecht
Joseph and Patricia Allen
David and Karen Allgeier
Mildred Allgeier
Bob and Anne Allison
Judy Amig
Clara Amlung
Dan and Karen Archer
Barry and Michele Asbury
Ascension Club
Roland and Karen Ashby
Sonny and Gail Ashlock
Joe Atherton
Brian Atwater
Donald Axman
Mike and Betty Azzara
Bernard and Anne Baas
Lori Baehl
Mary Bagley
Susan Bahl
Larry and Doris Baines
Russell and Diane Baird
Bert and Ellen Baldes
Thomas and Amy Baldwin
Sissy Ball
Joseph and Patricia Ballard
Susan Ballard
Susan Balter
Terry and Colleen Banaszak
Diana Banks
Louis and Betty Carol Barber
Richard and Melinda Barber
Thomas and Joan Fell Barnell
Keith and Beth Barnes
Anedra Barrett
Tom and DeeAnn Bauerle
Charles and Kathy Baumbusch
Gregory and Marilyn Bayer
Father Paul Beach
Michael and Kathy Beam
Jeff and Debbie Beavin
Thomas and Rebecca Becherer
Douglas and Donna Beckner
Marc Beeler and Laura Morton
Ernest and Audrey Beeson
Maurice and Isabelle Begley
Bernice Bell
Ken Bench
George and Francia Bennett
Susan Bennett
Donnie and Tracey Benningfield
Sharan Benton
Ned Berghausen and Kate Bulinski
Kenneth and Pat Berry
Pam Berry
Ron and Pat Birge
Jeffrey and Karla Blain
Phyllis Blair
Jon and Joy Blandin
John Blanton
Terry Blanton
Glenn Blincoe
Richard and Fabiola Boada
Paula Boblitt
Rick and Bonita Bobo
Kenneth and Mary Lynn Bobzien
Dutch and Diane Boehnlein
Greg and Mary Beth Boehnlein
Ken and Barbara Bohn
Gerry and Bonnie Boland
Jim Boland
Grover and Susan Bolton
Rodine Bondy
Jerry and Donna Boone
Marvin and Pat Boone
Peter and Sandy Boone
Earl Booth
David and Margo Borders
Doug and Sue Borders
John Borho
James Jay Bottorff
Michael and Sarah Bovine
Father Bill Bowling
James and Camille Bowling
William and Lynn Bowling
Jeff and Laura Bowman
Calvin and Elsie Boyd
Mary Regina Bradley
Richard and Lianne Bradshaw
Ruth Bradshaw
Judith Bramer
Wayne and Angela Bramer
James and Marcella Brangers
Carol Brassine
Father B.J. Breen
Brian and Martha Brennan
jack and Karyn Bray
Mike and Juanell Brey
Joseph and Marlyn Brian
Kathy Bright
Jeff and Isabel Bringardner
Richard and Martha Brinkhaus
Jason and Kelly Britz
Gary and Mary Jo Brockie
John and Natalie Brockmeier
Ruby Brooks
Frank Brothers
Anthony and Mary Jo Brown
Tim and Karen Brown
Ann Browning
Jeffrey and Joli Bruns
Scott and Helen Bryant
Barbara Buckman
Deacon Jerry and Constance Buehner
Erik and Amber Buehner
Mark and Mary Buehner
Christopher and Anna Bukowski
Phil Bullock
Robert and Patricia Bullock
Dale and Brenda Burchett
Bob Burckle
Christopher and Jill Burckle
Tim and Susanna Burger
Tim and Cindy Burke
Don Burns
Roy and Cecelia Burns
Suzanne Burns
Rick and Cindy Burton
Brian and Ashley Butler
Linda Butts
Jim and Peggy Byrne
Dan and Jean Cady
Michael and Anne Cahalan
James and Juanita Cain
Christopher and Heather Calamita
Coyote Calhoun
Robert Camfield
David and Sally Campbell
Dwayne and Linda Campbell
Richard Campbell
Mark and Stacey Campisano
Tom and Trish Candler
Gloria Canonizado
Maureen Capalbo
Matt and Sheri Carey
Davis and Amanda Carney
Robert and Julia Carothers
James and Susan Carpenter
Bill Carrico
Father Adam Carrico
Gerald and Joyce Carrico
Kevin Carrico
Perry and Anna Carrico
Blanche Carroll
Alvin and Laura Carter
Barbara Cary
Louis and Ann Casale
William and Volinda Case
David and Davette Cassidy
Frederick and Sarah Cassidy
Robert and Mary Caster
John and Rita Cecconi
Joe and Phyllis Cecil
Mark Chandler
Cliff and Sharon Cheser
Father Dale Cieslik
Tom Cissell
Robert Claire
Randall and Dianne Clark
James and Mary Ann Clatterbuck
Leon and Margaret Claywell
Joan Clem
Frank and Jo Ann Clements
Gerry and Kathy Clements
Jack and Sara Clements
Paul and Shirley Clements
Kevin and Kim Clifford
Robert and Mary Clifford
Linda Cline
Gerald and Jessie Coffey
John and Marcie Coleman
Harold and Beatrice Combs
Tom Conley
Ken and Michele Conliffe
Elizabeth Conner
David and Jennifer Cooper
Paul and Barbara Copeland
Byron and Kay Corbett
Ronald and Kimberly Corbett
Russell and Beth Cotton
Alice Coulter
Lafayette and Arlene Cowden
Michael and Elizabeth Crady
Ed and Mary Ann Craycroft
John and Laurie Craycroft
Joseph and Ellen Creely
John and Johnna Cristofoli
Richard and Sherill Cronin
Kevin and Daphne Crooks
William and Melissa Crouch
Mike and Donna Crow
Patrick and Jane Crowe
Karl and Jayne Crum
Robert and Jolene Crum
Barbara Crutcher
Betty Culver
Tinker and Mary Culver
John and Theresa Cupit
Nicholas and Carolyn Dachille
Charles Dahlem
Roger and Marcia Dall
Deacon Dave and Kaye Dalton
Robert Henry and Mary Ann Dalton
Jack and Jenni Danehy
John and Sammi Danesi
Ann Dant
Dennis and Mary Ann Dant
Boyd and Rosemary Darst
Jeff and Amy Daus
Christopher Davenport
Bill and Theresa Dawson
William Delay
Jody and Angela Demling
Mark and Liz Dever
Ray and Angela Dickison
Paul Didio
Bradley and Mary Lee Dillon
Rosanne Dillon
Jerome and Janet Dixon
Alex and Kelly Do
Steve and Patti Dobbins
Mark and Michelle Dohrman
Bill and Michelle Donahue
Tim and Rowena Donahue
Bill and Joyce Dougherty
Gary and Kitty Drake
Claudia Dreisbach
Bette Dries
John and Linda Drury
Joe and Sally Duane
Samuel and Kathleen Dunlany
Patrick and Julie Dunlevy
Susan Dunn
Tom and Donna Dunn
John and Julia DuPlessis
William and Frances Earley
Martha Eastland
Tom and Maria Eberle
Pat Eckert
Carolyn Edelen
Mike and Denise Edlen
Tracy and Karen Edgerton
Joe and Lynn Edwards
Dave and Julie Effinger
George and Wanda Effinger
Dennis and Eva Egolf
Charles and Donna Ehrsam
Father Jerry Eifler
Bill and Martha Eisner
Mollye Elery
Father Pepper Elliott
Thomas and Jane Elpers
Steven and Linette England
Robert and Paula Englert
Stephen and Marsha Esarey
Fred and Claudia Espinosa
James and Karen Falkenstine
Janice Faller
Paula Fangman
Joe and Patty Farrell
Albert and Celeste Fautz
Joseph and Marie Felix
Timothy and Mary Fentress
James Fenwick
Terry and Lou Ann Fenwick
Phil and Laverne Ferguson
Joyce Fields
Chris and Pam Filiatreau
Tony and Susan Fink
Ben and Debi Finneran
Stephen and Rita Fischer
Deacon Michael and Deanna Fitzmayer
Norma Fitzmayer
Chris and Aileen Fitzpatrick
Dick and Linda Fitzpatrick
Father Jim Flynn
Paul Flynn
Kevin and Donna Ford
Linda Ford
Melanie Fort
Steve and Joycelyn Foushee
John and Angela Fraire
Betty Fralick
Angelita Francia
Michael and Nancy Freeman
Shawn and Stacy Freibert
Anthony French
Gary and Lisa French
Friend Tran
Friends of Archdiocese
Steve and Jenifer Frommeyer
Joyce Fuchs
Melissa Gaddie
Ronald and Brenda Gaffney
Joe and Jackie Gahlinger
James and Joanne Gajdzik
William Gannon
Lovegildo and Elisa Garcia
Marylou Gardner
Ken and Theresa Garrett
William and Taryn Gathof
Kathleen Gdaniec
Thomas Gebhart
Mark and Elaine Geer
Helen Genardi
David and Jodi George
Salem and LuAnn George
Erick and Meghan Gerdes
John and Victoria Giardina
Henrietta Gibson
Kenneth and Maureen Gibson
Mary Lisa Gibson
Wayne and Sylvia Gilezan
Thomas and Phyllis Gilman
Chad and Trinity Givens
Daniel Glaser
David and Melanie Gnadinger
Mary Goff
David and Karen Goldner
Bill and Joann Goodwin
Carole Goodwin
Steven and Donna Gott
Dirk and Nickie Gowin
John and Kim Grant
Gary and Linda Graven
Pat Greco
Roger and Shirley Green
William and Kim Green
Steve and Marlene Greenwell
Edward and Carolyn Gregory
Jeffrey and Anne Gregory
Catherine Greulich
Janice Groce
James and Pam Grundy
William and Betty Guenthner
Shirley Guthrie†
Doug and Clare Habeeb
Ed and Valarie Hacker
John and Kay Hackett
Art and Pat Hackmiller
Ron and Lindy Hadorn
Karla Hagan
Mike and Michelle Hagan
Tom and Claudette Hahn
Woody and Kathryn Hahn
David and Barbara Haight
Deacon Robert and Cheri Hall
Judith Hall
Ted and Mary Halsema
Edwin and Iva Hamilton
Father Mark Hamilton
Joey and Pam Hamilton
John and Sue Hamilton
Patrick and Jodi Hamilton
Scott and Carlita Hamilton
Sharon Hamilton
Sugar Hamilton
G. B. Hammond
Steve and Cathy Hancock
Dee Hand†
Robert Haner
Gary and Gail Hanke
Mary Hardesty
Randall and Jenny Hardesty
Louis and Martha Hardin
Tom and Virginia Harley
Michael and Sally Harper
David and Beth Harpring
Andrew and Anna Hart
Richard and Cheryl Hartke
Denis and Kimberly Hartlage
Thomas and Maria Hartlage
Chris and Kelly Hass
Jerald and Martha Hasty
Danny and Joan Hawkins
Angela Hayden
Father Joe Hayden
Charlie and Mary Haydon
Hugh and Kim Haydon
Father Maurice Hayes
George Hayes
Philip and Liz Hays
Sharon Hays
Bob and Kitty Head
Tom Head
Gerry Heatherly
Brian and Mary Hebel
Cathy Heck
Marilyn Heffernan
John and Joyce Heichelbech
Robert and Michelle Heil
Gary and Patty Hemmelgarn
Tonia Henley
Alan and Jane Hennessey
Joan Hennessy
Father Steve Henriksen
Annalise Henry
Gregory Herbek
Mike and Toni Hertel
Tom and Sharon Hester
Eugene Heustis
Timothy and Helen Heustis
Debbie Hibbard
Peggy Hibbs
Brian and Courtney Higdon
Jim and Mary Ann Higdon
Paul and Angela Marie Higdon
Rose Hildenbrand
Bill and Terry Hillary
Jean Hinkebein
Jim and Sue Hinkebein
Bob and Nadine Hite
Matthew and Suzanne Hite
Dave and Janet Hobbs
James and Angela Hobbs
William and Sandy Hobbs
Danny and Mary Hodge
Pat Hodge-Barker
Anne Hoeck
Joan Hoffman
Ron and Terri Hohmann
Jason and Brandan Holbrook
John and Heather Hollenbach
Paul and Sandra Hollensead
John and Patricia Holzknecht
Father Jeff and Betsy Hopper
Ed and Nancy Hord
Michael and Helen Hord
Nancy Horlander
Robert and Marylynn Horn
Charles and Janet Horton
Phillip and Kathy Hoskins
Gregory and Cheryl House
Lawrence Howard
Tony and Pat Howard
James and Betty Howe
John Huber
Phyllis Huber
Jerry Huffines
Eddie and Diane Hughes
Frank and Elaine Hulsman
Tommy and Rosemary Humkey
Joe and Jennifer Hummel
Dustin and Cindy Humphrey
John and Theresa Hundley
Ray and Cathy Hundley
Teresa Hunt
George and Kim Hupman
Tom and Susan Hyland
Jack and Suzanne Ising
James and Julia Ising
Stephany Ivers
Dean and Laura Jacks
Garett and Jill Jackson
Alfred and Dori Jacobs
Bob and Sue Jaggers
Donald James
Tim and Carol Jenkins
Loretta Jerdan
David and Rosemary Jewell
A. Thomas Johnson
Curtis and Tina Johnson
Hubert Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Terry and Kathy Johnson
Dennis and Mary Anne Jolly
Dave and Barbara Jones
Lawrence Jones
James and Tricia Julian
Matthew and Ellen Jung
John and Michelle Jurige
Kenneth and Sheila Kaelin
Milton Kaelin
Bob and Delia Kahle
Jack and Trish Kall
Steven and Madonna Kamber
Elizabeth Kamuf
Doug and Dani Kannapell
Jerrod and Jennifer Kappler
Cathy Karem
Michael and Laura Jane Keal
Donald and Janis Keefe
Gary and Joyce Keibler
Matt and Kathleen Keiser
Michael and Kimberly Kelley
Larry and Emily Kelly
Henry and Shannon Kelting
Thomas and Elaine Kennedy
John and Mary Beth Kenney
George Kent
Bob and Judy Kessinger
Addie Key
David and Betsy Kiefer
Ruth Kiefer
Bob and Regennia Kilmer
Melba Kindervater
James King
Pauline King
Scott and Victoria King
David and Susan Kinny
Paul and Patricia Kirchner
Lawrence and Michelle Klein
Ron and Kathy Kleinhelter
Jim and Christa Klimesh
Gregory and Phyllis Kludac
Charles Kramer
Earl Kraus
Donald and Lisa Kros
Mark Krupilski
Jim Kuipers
Kris and Mandy Kumler
Robert and Corrine Kunk
Sean and Tracey Kuntz
William and Megan Kute
Michael and Vickie LaFramboise
Leo Lainey
Mike and Pat Lally
Michael and Joni Lamb
Father Bryan Lamberson
Michael and Mary Ann Lambert
James and Jeanne Lancaster
Jim and Regina Lancaster
John and Anne Laun
Frank and Jeannie Lauyans
Bruce Lawler
Mike and Melody Lawrence
Phil Lawver
William and Sumiko Leake
Jeanne Lechleiter
Joseph and Dorothy Ledington
Amy Lee
Howard and Leona Lee
Jim and Regina Leitner
Frank and Jeanie Levy
Deacon John and Dorothy Lewis
Leo Lewis
Mark Lisney
Rita Livers
Joseph Lubarsky
Robert and Andra Lubbers
Father Chirs Lubecke
Dane and Penny Lucas
Carol Lucore
Mike and Bonnie Lueke
Mike and Ginger Luescher
Thanh Huong Luong
Steve and Teresa Lutes
Angelita Luz-Tobias
Tom and Katchie Lynch
Joseph and Rosy Lyons
Louis and Laura Lyvers
Michael and Laura Lyvers
Ron and Diane Lyvers
Tom and Kathy Lyvers
Kerry and Debby Magan
Ronald and Ruthie Magness
Brigid Mahan
Bill and Alma Mahanna
Mary Mahoney
Alberto Maldonado
Kevin Maloney
Neil and Dianne Manias
Bob and Julie Marino
John and D’Ann Markert
Bill and Theresa Martin
James and Kathleen Martin
Rick and Loretta Martin
Rita Martin
Steve and Susan Martin
Bill and Carol Masters
Rick and Delores Masterson
Thomas and Donna Masterson
Alan and Cyndi Mattingly
Brad and Elizabeth Mattingly
David and Alice Mattingly
Deacon Gerry and Mary Jo Mattingly
Joe and Carol Mattingly
Lee Mattingly
Ronnie and Joyce Mattingly
Sharon Mattingly
Norman and Mary Mayer
Michael and Nora McCain
Susan McCarty
Robert McCauley
Donald and Jane McClinton
Anne McCollom
Larry and Ellen McCoskey
Margaret McCoy
Gerald and Marilyn McDaniel
Kim McDaniel
George and Pam McDannold
Martin and Belinda McDermott
Terry and Mary Ann McDonald
Jerry and Linda McGrew
Tom and Judy McGrew
James and Janice McHugh
Sonny and Pat McIntire
Scott and Cindy McKinley
Catherine McLeod
Max and Sherry McMillen
Steve McSwain
Charles and Joan Medley
Greg and Debbi Medley
Phil and Lynn Medley
Ron Medley
Steve and Pennie Medley
Richard and Caroline Meena
Anne Marie Megibben
Larry and Lavonne Mehlbauer
Dennis and Jeanne Meiman
Father Joe Merkt
David and Debbie Metzger
LaVerne Metzler
Donald and Peggy Meyer
Scott Meyer
Beth Michaelis
David and Linda Miles
Eddie and Theresa Miles
John Miles
Edward Miller
Father Bill Miller
Michael Miller
Richard and Mary Jane Miller
Sharon Miller
Woody and Jean Miller
Jeff Mills
Michael and Marie Mills
Tony and Barbara Miranda
Barbara Mirda
Chester and Peggy Misbach
Doug and Beverly Moeller
Pat and Mary Louise Monaghan
Dean and Belinda Monin
Vonnette Monteith
Ignacio and Liliana Montes
Guy and Libbye Montgomery
Patricia Montgomery
Dale and Arcelia Moore
Father Christian Moore
Mike and Theresa Moorman
Mo and Tish Moorman
Christopher and Angela Morris
Charles and Cynthia Morrison
William and Sharon Moss
Chris and Carol Mudd
Father Jim Mudd
Paul and Charlotte Mudd
Thomas and Nancy Mudd
Joan Mueller
John and Eleanor Mueller
Janice Mulligan
Lillian Mullins
Clay Murphy
Richard and Phebe Murphy
Ronald and Debra Murphy
Doug and Janet Mussler
Andrew and Rebecca Myers
James and Linda Myers
Jim and Clara Nall
Phillip and Terri Nall
Sabrina Nalley
Lisa Nally-Martin
Patrick and Donna Nash
Kathy Nault
Gerry Nedelkoff
Mark and Sheree Nelson
Michael and Susan Nethers
David and Martha Nett
Kathleen Neuner
Delmar and Jill Newman
Judy Newton
Melinda Newton
Anthony and Le Nguyen
Huu and Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen
Leo and Rosemary Niemann
Bob Nolan
Norb and Mary Lou Nopper
Garland and Vicki Norman
Richard and Maureen Norris
Daniel and Mary Ann Norton
Lee and Janice Oberhausen
Jay and Trina O’Brien
James and Phyllis O’Donnell
Jim and Ronda O’Donoghue
Norma Oeswein
Edwina Ogo
Norman O’Grady
Paul and Ruth Ohlendorf
Mark and Alicia Ohlmann
Michael and Mary O’Keefe
Judy Olliges
John and Dorothy O’Neil
Jo Ann Orr
Allan and Penny Orth
Ed and Nola Osborne
Father Bob Osborne
Joe and Vivian Osborne
Richard and Donna Osterhage
Paul and Karen Ostertag
Ray and Roserita Ott
Keith and Karen Overpeck
Father Troy Overton
Kirk and Kathryn Owens
Mary Frances Paalz
Father Gary Padgett
Randy and Jeanette Padgett
Sebastian and Jenny Pagni
Tony and Marhsa Palaisa
Richard and Selena Pape
Joseph and Mari Pappalardo
George and Karen Paris
Kathryn Parris
Brian and Karen Parsley
Tom and Marian Partridge
Deacon Mark and Christine Patterson
John and Carolyn Patterson
Claire Payne
David and Linda Payne
Harold Payne
Larry and Sharon Peariso
Paul and Becki Pendell
Ralph and Connie Pendygraft
Manuel and Lisbeth Perez
Perrone Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley
Ken and Bonnie Peters
Mike and Pam Peveler
Jack and Mary Pfeifer
Thao and Tao Pham
John and Susan Phillips
Louis and Jacqueline Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Anthony and Nejma Piagentini
Robert and Becky Picklesimer
Lee and Margaret Pieper
Adam and Amy Pierce
Rose Marie Pierce
Dale and Betty Pike
Aleida Pleasants
Thomas and Lois Poirier
Bill and Kathy Potts
Don and Polly Potts
Barbara Powers
Luis Prada
Tom and Heather Preston
Shirley Prewitt
John Price
Ray and Debbie Price
John and Robyn Proctor
Victor and Joyce Pufahl
Joyce Purdon
Thomas and Pamela Pusty
David Quesenberry
Lucy Quesenberry
Michael and Paula Radmacher
Doris Raidt
Pam Raidt
Dick and Julie Rakowski
Wanda Raley
Bill and Sheila Randol
Father Joe Rankin
Norma Rapier
Gregory and Pamela Rapson
Pepper and Edie Raque
Brian and Nancy Rasmussen
Emmett and Pam Ratterman
Carolyn Ray
Andy and Amanda Reasor
Ann Reding
Anna Reding
Walter and Carolyn Reichert
Michael and Siobhan Reidy
Mary Reinert
Donald and Sheila Reiss
Josephine Reiter
Alicia Reneau
Judy Reverman
Matthew Reynolds
Tom and Ann Reynolds
Don and Beth Rich
Mike and Martha Richardson
Jimmy and Therese Richerson
Ruel and Anna Richey
David and Carol Rickert
Brian and Teresa Riggs
Kendrick and Carmen Riggs
Vincent and Kimberly Riggs
John and Kathleen Riley
Larry and Erminia Riley
Patricia Ringswald
Agnes Ritchie
Frank and Patty Ritchie
Brad and Mary Klare Rives
William and Sue Ann Robards
Joseph and Margaret Robben
Mike and Deborah Robbins
Jim and Diane Roberts
Christopher and Marie Robertson
Malcolm and Karleen Robertson
Marvin and Elaine Robertson
David and Cynthia Robinson
Michelle Robinson
Robert and Vernice Robinson
John and Elaine Roche’
Ken Rogers
Larry and Theresa Rogers
Steve and Kim Rogers
Matthew and Maureen Rogg
Clifford Rompf
Kathleen Roos
Thomas Ross
Deacon Tom and Rebecca Roth
Bill and Sandi Rothwell
Bob and Nelia Roush
Bob and Mary Rowan
Christopher and Jeanette Rowland
Steven and Michele Rudolf
Tom Ruggiero
Gary Runyan
Dennis and Rita Rust
Nicholas Ryan
John and Marisa Sabbak
Saint Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church
Jean Salerno
Russell and Saundra Salvia
Robert and Beth Sanders
Richard and Linda Sansbury
Robert and Angela Sauer
Bob and Karen Savko
Barry Sawayer
Michael and Kathy Schaefer
Robert and Laurie Schalow
John and Mary Jo Schardein
Don and Betty Scharfenberger
Dianne Scheer
Mike and Sherrill Scheid
Robert and Claudia Schindler
Eric and Barbara Schmall
John Schmidt
Ray and Mary Lou Schmitt
Bob and Sharon Schoen
Joan Schoen
Matthew and Kathy Schoen
Greg Schoettmer
Deacon Jesse and Celia Schook
Paul and Linda Schork
Robert and Nancy Schramm
Matthew and Tessa Schrenger
Christopher and Rachel Schrepferman
Randolph Schrodt
Fred and Betty Sue Schuhmann
Nick and Theresa Schuhmann
Dan and Lisa Schuler
Don and Martha Schuler
Mark Schulte
Steve and Joan Schuster
Betty Schwartzel
Virgil Schweickhardt
Monica Schwendau
Janet Seibert
Mary Ann Seibert
Michelle Seifert
Brooks Senn
Patrick and Jeanette Serey
Todd and Kelly Shanks
Mike and Kathy Shannon
Bill and Thelma Sherman
Paul and Nancy Sherman
Richard and Carol Sherman
Joe and Cindy Shewmaker
Deanna Simcoe
Chester and Nora Simms
Hamilton and Elaine Simms
Tony and Cindy Simpson
Arthur and Josephine Sims
Mary Singler
Francis and Cynthia Sipes
Marilyn Sivori
Jerome and Gerry Skees
Christopher Slattery
Bernice Smith
Bob and Margaret Smith
Brian and Donna Smith
Carlos and Kathy Smith
Chuck and Gloria Smith
John and Katie Smith
Kevin and Sue Smith
Laura Etta Smith
Mark and Kathleen Smith
Michael and Loretta Smith
Rick and Terri Smith
Wayne and Mary Alice Smith
Jim and Sharon Snider
Charles and Joyce Solar
Joe Solomon
Steve and Priscilla Solomon
Liberacion Soriano
Gene and Rita Spalding
Glenn Spalding
Sam and Brenda Spalding
Gene and Linda Spaulding
Mary Jane Spaulding
William and Vickie Speer
Father Donald Springman
Paralee Stansbury
Michael and Margaret Staples
Jim and Lisa Staron
Donald Stauble
Glenn Steenrod
Jude and Jennifer Stegman
Stephen and Louise Steier
Richard and Burke Stephens
Margaret Stevens
Cheryl Stewart
Donald and Alice Stewart
Tom and Karen Stocker
Bill and Billie Stopinski
Tom and Teresa Storck
Sarah Strange
Robert and Joan Stromberg
Lucy Strong
Jon and Susan Stroud
Marty and Chris Stubeda
Mark and Diane Sturtzel
Kathleen Sullivan
Wesley and Nancy Swann
John and Carolyn Sweeney
Felix and Nicki Swiderski
George and Chong Synowiec
Alex and Letty Tapia
Don Tatum
Dale and Kelly Taylor
Kendrick and Sue Taylor
Tom and Tippy Taylor
Steve and Ann Teaford
Paul and Norma Terrien
Ken and Lisa Thielmeier
Kevin and Cindy Thieneman
Leo and Karen Thieneman
Edward Thoben
Daniel and Constance Thomas
Danny and Sharon Thomas
David and Toni Thomas
Greg and Lisa Thomas
Ruth Thomas
Stephen and Sandra Thomas
Bill and Jeanie Thompson
Jane Thompson
Mark and Karla Thompson
Peggy Thompson
Teresa Thompson
John and Barbara Tichenor
Stephen and Linda Tillman
Father Mike Tobin
James and Barbara Todd
Tony and Cheri Tolle
Chris and Lisa Tompkins
Giesla Torres
Hong Phuoc Tran
Khue and Hao Tran
Justin and Lori Travis
James and Barbara Tretter
Doris Trimble
Lloyd and Aline Trommler
Mary Kay Tubello
Linda Tungate
David and Terri Turner
Deacon James and Annette Turner
Deacon Scott and Wanda Turner
Donna Turner
Soonthorn and Gerri Ungtrakul
Joseph and Serene Valayam
Tuyen Van Tran
Donald Varga
Mary Varga
Pat Varga†
Charles and Gerry Veeneman
Ferenc Vegh
Ben and Jackie Veri
Alexander and Megan Verret
Lorna Vertrees
Gregory and Donaye Vessels
Ted and Maureen Veterano
Joseph and Deve Vetter
Keith and Julie Viers
Josef and Martha Villiger
Gino and Silvia Vinci
Helen Vittitow
Father Cass Volpert
Michael Voor
Mary Vuncannon
Richard and Martha Vuturo
Kirk Wagner
Mary Wagner
Mike and Margaret Wagner
Lowell and Josephine Wainwright
Hope Walker
John and Colleen Walker
John and Sandra Walsh
Bob and Sandy Walt
William and Mary Ward
Charlie and Nina Wardrip
Margaret Wariua
George and Charmaine Warren
Dean and Boots Washbish
Greg and Kim Watkins
Carol Watts
Gerri Weathers
John and Lois Weaver
Kevin and Donrita Webb
Martin and Rose Weber
Thomas and Rosemarie Weber
William and Julia Weber
Jane Wehner
Conor Wellman
Kevin and Lara Welp
Patrick and Susan Welsh
Paul and Linda Wentzel
Daryl and Marilena Wertz
Blake and Julie Westhoff
Carol Whayne
Charles and Barbara Whelan
Don and Lois Whelan
Charlie and Betty White
David and Genny White
Mary White
Michael and Margaret Whitfill
Dolores Whitlock
James and Shirley Whyte
Arthur and Brigid Wickson
Leo and Karen Wiesemann
Carl Wilhelm
Charles and Barbara Wilkins
Carroll Williams
Donald and Rose Marie Williams
Michael and Karen Williams
Jerry and Sheila Williamson
Thomas and Karen Willinger
Charles and Karen Wilson
Frank and Bridgett Wilson
Joseph and Kimberly Wimsatt
Michael and Karen Wimsatt
Dale and Mary Winchester
Kathleen Wine
Rosalia Winters
George and Donna Wise
Daniel and Jeannie Wiseman
Stephen and Kathy Wiser
Christopher and Audrey Wolfe
Kaz Wolkensperg
William and Francine Woods
William and Janice Wooldridge
Rodney and Mary Anne Wooten
Guy and Amy Worthington
Paul and Maria Wuerth
C. J. and Beth Wychulis
Gene and Diane Young
Harold and Kathy Young
Harry and Lucy Young
Mary Young
Sam and Mary Young
Alex Zaboronak
Kevin and Margaret Zeiler
Joe and Debbie Zimlich
Robert and Ann Zimlich
John and Patricia Zimmerman
Greg and Brenda Zinner
Curtis and Charlene Zoeller
David and Alice Zoeller

† indicates donor who has passed away

Members’ names are carefully reviewed prior to publishing online, however, in a listing of this length errors may occur. If a name has been misspelled, listed incorrectly, or omitted, please accept our apology and bring the error to our attention so the appropriate correction may be made. Please contact Sarah Wunderlin, Director of Annual Giving, at 502-585-3291, extension 1127 or email

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