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Parish Discernment Report

The publication of Archbishop Joseph Kurtz’s pastoral letter, Your Parish: The Body of Christ Alive in Our Midst on the Feast of the Holy Family, December 30, 2016, launched a parish discernment process within the parishes of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Six Parishes participated in a pilot parish phase in the spring of 2017 and 13 in the first wave during fall of 2017.

Included below is a summary of the responses that participating parishes developed as they discerned how they are being called to grow and how they will facilitate this growth in three priority areas established by Archbishop Kurtz: Family Life, Education and Lifelong Formation, and Service and Outreach.

Please note that the reporting mechanism changed after the pilot parish phase, and so reports from the first wave of parishes provide more details about the priorities. The pilot parishes provided valuable feedback about the discernment process, which has improved it going forward.

Pilot Parishes:

Saint Brigid, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend Gary T. Padgett
Location: 1520 Hepburn Ave., Louisville, Ky., 40204

Family Life
Offer outreach opportunities designed to involve families by conducting events, such as a flea market, to encourage families to visit Saint Brigid and by creating a Family Involvement Team to explore ways to increase family involvement and plan family-oriented events.

Increase involvement in neighborhood/community events by providing volunteers for a Saint Brigid booth at neighborhood events.

Provide guidelines and resources to establish family prayer groups.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Increase awareness of the history of Saint Brigid Parish.

Establish Bible Study as an ongoing ministry offered at times conducive to families.

Develop ways to communicate all the parish does to all parishioners.

Service and Outreach
Improve information to all parishioners through various methods about the many ongoing outreach programs that Saint Brigid provides, including Saint Vincent de Paul, Habitat for Humanity, Highlands Community Ministries, and the ministries serving nursing homes, hospitals and homebound parishioners.

Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville

Pastor: Very Reverend Michael T. Wimsatt
Location: 433 S. Fifth St., Louisville, Ky., 40202

Family Life
Utilize the 2017-2018 stewardship drive to encourage parish growth and to invite others to attend the Cathedral for worship.

Establish priorities and projected costs of capital needs surfaced during discernment process and chart a course of action to address the feasibility of addressing these needs and a process for implementing funding and implementation of capital projects.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Initiate a monthly catechetical evening on Wednesdays. Tentatively titled Catholicism 101, this program will offer a variety of topics for a well-balanced presentation of the Catholic faith.

Begin a yearlong parish membership with the Formed online media platform offered by the Augustine Institute, which will grant access to many catechetical resources for the parish at large as well for specific parish groups convening on a regular basis, including sacramental preparation.

Service and Outreach
Seek opportunities to educate the parish community and raise general awareness of the scope and nature of those charitable organizations with which the parish is associated.

Incorporate a major gift component to the ongoing mission of the Flaget Society in addition to its promotion of planned giving.

Begin strategic planning for promoting the “Let’s Dance” fundraiser, as well as promoting the Feed My Neighbor program with local parishes and schools.

Holy Rosary, Manton

Pastor: Reverend Matthew T. Hardesty
Location: 6964 Cissellville Rd., Manton, Ky., 40069

Family Life
Recognize special achievements of parishioners.

Establish a broader invitation for new involvement in the parish among families.

Have an annual “Open House” (or “Come and See”) weekend for families in the community to visit the parish.

Education and Lifelong Formation

Encourage others to take turns leading the Rosary before Mass.

Provide explanations of the Mass through homilies or brief commentary during Mass.

Schedule some of the mission and devotions for the Holy Trinity/Holy Rosary cluster at Holy Rosary.

Service and Outreach
Acquire a nice prayer book and stand for the back of church.

Increase involvement in parish Saint Vincent de Paul chapter.

Increase family volunteerism in the parish, such as cleaning, landscaping, donuts, etc.)

Holy Trinity, Fredericktown

Pastor: Reverend Matthew T. Hardesty
Location: 306 Fredericktown Rd., Springfield (Fredericktown), Ky., 40069

Family Life
Establish a welcome/hospitality committee.

Develop a mentoring program for blended families and young couples.

Establish a Men’s Group and a Women’s Group.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Improve/bolster youth religious education program.

Expand and enrich adult faith formation.

Service and Outreach
Formalize a program of home visits.

Reestablish a parish council with or separate from the clustered parish, Holy Rosary in Manton.

Increase involvement in parish Saint Vincent de Paul chapter.

Saint James Elizabethtown

Saint James, Elizabethtown

Pastor: Very Reverend Martin A. Linebach
Location: 307 W. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown, Ky., 42701

Family Life
Provide assistance for divorce situations to both spouses and children.

Reach out to college-aged students.

Provide parent education in our faith.

Implement substance abuse education.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Increase use of the Internet to reach younger generations.

Promote the women’s Bible study.

Provide transportation to Mass for those who need it.

Host a family retreat.

Service and Outreach
Establish substance abuse assistance and addiction outreach.

Assist those facing unplanned pregnancies and reach out to unwed mothers.

Establish outreach services to people who need family support, such as errands, meals, rides.

Saint James, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend Gary T. Padgett
Location: 1826 Edenside Ave., Louisville, Ky., 40204

Family Life
Form a Family Life Committee to review and prioritize ideas for strengthening families that surfaced in the parish discernment process.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Form an Education Committee to review and prioritize ideas for lifelong formation that surfaced in the parish discernment process.

Service and Outreach
Support strong efforts in service and outreach already in place at the parish.

Wave 1 Parishes:

All Saints, Taylorsville

Pastor: Reverend John R. Johnson
Location: 410 Main Cross St., Taylorsville, Ky., 40071

Family Life
Increase participation and involvement in parish life for all of our parishioners through community activities, inviting families to participate in ministries and improved communication to all parishioners.

Provide opportunities for increased spiritual growth for all age groups through blessing of children, Children’s Church, blessing of animals and review of times for Eucharistic Adoration.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Review current adult formation programs and begin new programs to meet the parishioners’ needs of today, including Bible studies, explanation of Mass, new resources, improvement of website and social media and speakers’ bureau.

Provide opportunities for young adults – meeting them where they are – with intentional efforts to include them in all aspects of parish life, including parish planning and parish direction.

Service and Outreach
Identify current ministries and programs within the parish, within our local community, and beyond.

Encourage parishioners to become involved in ministries and programs identified above through improved communication, ministry fairs, enhanced outreach year-round and developing relationships with other local churches.

Saint Augustine, Louisville

Pastoral Administrator: Deacon James R. Turner
Location: 1310 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky., 40203

Family Life
Celebrate Saint Augustine’s legacy as one of the oldest African American Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese by providing families with an opportunity to interview family members regarding their Catholic heritage.

Provide methods to make available and promote the use of family interviews, such as museum, social media, technology.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Initiate a process to develop a feasibility study for the creation of a Catholic school in West Louisville.

Foster growth opportunities in the area of Africentric leadership for our community by inviting archdiocesan leadership responsible for hiring and appointing leaders to a dialogue regarding the recruitment and retention of African American leaders within the Archdiocese.

Service and Outreach

Partner with existing groups and organizations to provide support and resources to African American children.

Provide outreach by revitalizing and expanding the “We Miss You” and phone tree programs.

Saint Edward, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend Troy D. Overton
Location: 9608 Sue Helen Dr., Louisville, Ky., 40299

Family Life
Explore how to make liturgy more appealing to youth and young families by devising strategies to get families more involved in liturgical ministries and by including a homily focus once per month on a youth/family theme.

Review how St. Edward welcomes new families and identify how to do this better by recognizing new members, connecting new parishioners with the pastor, exploring a buddy system, using family photos and welcoming new families in the bulletin and through social media.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Revisit dismissing children for breaking open the word during Mass by surveying target families and identifying volunteers and curriculum if a need is identified.

Explore ways to connect the English and Spanish worship communities through continuing the international potluck meal, Spanish language classes, encouraging people to become comfortable with a Mass in another language and sharing cultural experiences.

Service and Outreach
Plan a mission Sunday, including service projects, reflection/debriefing after service and possible meal.

Schedule members of different ministries to share their experiences at the end of Mass – explain what they do and what it means to them.

Leverage business connection with J-town Beach, 3rd Turn, or Mac’s Dough House to offer social opportunities.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend John T. Judie
Location: 1545 Louis Coleman Jr. Dr., Louisville, Ky., 40211

Family Life
Strengthen the fellowship and participation of our parish family through meet-and-greet activity, follow-up network, Emmaus family companion ministry, and contact with college students.

Instill and strengthen a sense of holiness in our families’ homes through special intentions prayer box, training on an understanding of prayer, promoting blessing of children, and support for grandparents and others raising children.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Strengthen and enhance the faith formation and education of our parish family, with a focus on adults through utilizing and increasing archdiocesan formation programs and by encouraging parishioners to share how programs have impacted their lives.

Strengthen and enhance the faith formation and education of our parish family, with a focus on young adults through utilizing and increasing archdiocesan formation programs and by encouraging parishioners to share how programs have impacted their lives.

Strengthen and enhance the faith formation and education of our parish family, with a focus on youth through utilizing and increasing archdiocesan formation programs and by encouraging parishioners to share how programs have impacted their lives and by increasing the number of trained catechists.

Celebrate the educational and spiritual accomplishments of our parishioners through quarterly recognition Sundays.

Service and Outreach
Increase membership participation in parish life through quarterly meet-and-greet activity, follow-up network, Emmaus family companion ministry, contact with college students, and fostering relationship with partner churches.

Become a cornerstone of spiritual fulfillment and overall assistance to our surrounding community through hosting AA, supporting River City Drum Corps, hosting public forums on public safety, serving as evaluation site for Carter Elementary and supporting Public Library Association Derby brunch.

Broaden our social service outreach in the community through promoting activities of social outreach committee, recording social concerns minutes for parishioners, re-establishing Saint Vincent de Paul chapter, developing social service coordinator, holding health and safety training, and developing opportunities for community health, welfare and education services.

Saint John Paul II, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend William P. Burks
Location: 3042 Hikes Ln., Louisville, Ky., 40220

Family Life
Establish family-focused and intergenerational seasonal activities in order to provide various experiences and opportunities for participants of all ages and diverse family systems (e.g. grandparents rearing children, single parent households, etc.)

Identify a method or process, including a “Postcard Ministry,” for maintaining relationships with graduates/alumni of John Paul II Academy and the parish religious education program as a means of maintaining contact with families who feel that they are no longer connected with the parish community and inviting them to participate in parish activities.

Reconfigure staff job descriptions to better focus on family life programs and activities.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Create new family-based, multigenerational formation opportunities that are both experiential and inclusive. (May also be tied with seasonal activities mentioned under goal one of Family Life).

Identify and implement a formation experience for young adults (e.g. Theology-on-Tap, Wine Tasting & the Word, Beer Fest) that introduces Saint John Paul II Parish to millennials as well as the broader Hikes Point area.

Review how liturgy and worship can be a means for catechesis and how this area of formation can reflect parishioners’ aspirations to be more inclusive by interweaving prayer and liturgical experiences into parish offerings to enhance the formation aspects of parish programming.

Service and Outreach
Restructure the availability of service opportunities so that working parishioners can participate in outreach programs during the evenings and on weekends.

Work with the parish’s Francis Center ministries to offer more parish-wide opportunities for service
and outreach, including activities for the whole family.
Establish a better method of communicating what Saint John Paul II is doing in the area of service and outreach using 21st century technology, such as apps, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Saint Margaret Mary, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend William D. Hammer
Location: 7813 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, Ky., 40222

Family Life
Encourage greater unity within the parish family among all types and ages of families through creation of a family ministry team, which will host two family events annually for all ages and types of families.

Encourage family members to spend time together and interact with each other on matters of faith through family events and family discussion questions.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Provide education on the basics of the Catholic faith that is practical, applicable to daily experiences and available to those with busy lifestyles.  Parishioners are looking to better understand their faith, be able to explain it and feel comfortable sharing their faith with others.

Increase understanding of Catholic evangelization and the efforts of parishioners as evangelizing disciples through training on “What is Catholic evangelization?”

Service and Outreach
Develop more service and outreach opportunities for families to do together, including two to three family/multigenerational service projects per year.

Increase communication and awareness of existing service opportunities and coordination between many parish groups that do outreach by exploring the creation of a service and outreach coordinator.

Develop an ongoing relationship with a service organization from outside the parish and/or a parish twinning relationship with another parish.

Saint Martin de Porres, Louisville

Pastoral Administrator: Deacon James R. Turner
Location: 3112 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky., 40211

Family Life
Enhance our communication ministry to better engage young adults by recruiting new members and training them to form a communication committee that will implement effective communication strategies.

Develop social media strategies utilizing youth and young adults to reach and engage the youth and young adults in our parish.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Participate in the process being initiated by Saint Augustine Parish regarding a Catholic school in West Louisville.

Identify, engage, and train Black leadership for ministry by recruiting more culturally diverse leaders and developing resources to provide for culturally diverse families in the parish.

Service and Outreach
Ensure that all ministries have a missionary component that reaches out beyond our parish by continuing to go beyond our boundaries as missionary disciples able to share our faith with others.

Implement “Moving Towards Oneness” to work towards the eradication of racism throughout the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Saint Patrick, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend Jeffrey P. Shooner
Location: 1000 N. Beckley Station Rd., Louisville, Ky., 40245

Family Life
Increase connectedness in the parish community. The parish will foster connectedness by carefully acknowledging all families and individuals as part of family life and by seeking effective ways to share information about family life opportunities.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Foster conversion and growth as parishioners seek learning opportunities and worship experiences in order to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ.  This will be accomplished through the Welcome (formerly known as Christ Renews His Parish) process; by restricting meetings and activities on the Wednesday evenings of Lent, Advent, and Holy Days when worship and formation experiences can be offered; and by evaluating Mass times to see if they meet the needs of the parish community.

Service and Outreach
Improve communication by promoting service and outreach opportunities and experiences to the parish in an ongoing manner and by utilizing various platforms that offer an invitation for involvement to all parishioners.

Connect the tremendous service efforts carried out by parish members to their growth in discipleship. Efforts to do this with families serving together will strengthen families.

Saint Peter the Apostle, Louisville

Pastor: Reverend Charles D. Walker
Location: 5431 Johnsontown Rd., Louisville, Ky., 40272

Family Life
Announce the Good News of Jesus Christ and generate unity in the parish by having parish offices, gathering area, meeting spaces and religious educations rooms on one campus, accessible to everyone.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Announce the Good News of Jesus Christ by creating robust programs of faith formation and education that will nourish the faith and form disciples of all ages and that will make our parish a beacon of light that will make God’s love known. This will include in-house retreats for peoples of all ages and cultures, a faith formation communication plan that includes digital communication, a course in basic Catholic teaching and service/justice activities for families.

Service and Outreach
Announce the Good News of Jesus Christ by promoting unity through our liturgies by having multicultural celebrations on Sundays and holy days, including moving the Hispanic Mass to Saint Peter the Apostle Church and providing a multicultural social activity once per quarter.

Announce the Good News of Jesus Christ by forming disciples through family, multi-generational and multicultural activities and creating space in our faith community for our youth, our young adults, our seniors and anyone needing assistance.  This includes ministry fairs, hiring a youth and young adult minister, renewing the welcome committee, increasing membership in St. Vincent de Paul, providing more traditional music at Mass and promoting attendance at Mass among school families.

Saint Vincent DePaul, New Hope

Administrator: Reverend Kenneth R. Fortener
Location: 104 Church St., New Hope, Ky., 40052

Family Life
Involve the whole family in prayer opportunities, especially during seasons such as Advent.

Promote prayer together as a family.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Educate younger members about teachings and prayer rituals that have been lost over generations.

Develop an Advent program that details how to pray during Advent and that includes an Advent wreath, candles and educational material on the history and meaning of Advent and Advent symbols.

Service and Outreach
Promote Advent prayer opportunities and education to those who cannot physically attend Church, such as elderly shut-ins and those who are sick.

Wave 2 Parishes:

Saint Aloysius Parish, Pewee Valley

Pastor: Rev. John J. Stoltz
Location: 212 Mt. Mercy Dr., Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Family Life
Emphasize family participation in the Eucharist as center of parish life and develop a coordinated process to invite and celebrate the Eucharist with parish/school teams, groups, committees, and their families.

Engage purposefully youth and young adults, ages 13-25, in parish life by personally inviting those confirmed under five years to a class reunion weekend to engage them socially and in parish ministries and by creating a program to match the gifts of young adults to the needs of the parish.

Host multicultural events with the Korean community and hold a multicultural Mass and social gathering during the season of Pentecost.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Build a passion for the Mass by structuring, during the Bread of Life discourses in the Sunday lectionary, a rotation of targeted small group learning sessions focused on tying the Eucharist to everyday life.

Build a passion for the Catholic faith among youth and young adults and develop a deeper and more diverse leadership structure to support the parish youth minister in engaging a broader young adult audience.

Service and Outreach
Challenge parishioners to go out of their comfort zones to serve as the Body of Christ and foster the gift of time for service.

Establish a structure for a Service Outreach Committee.

Saint Ambrose, Cecilia

Administrator: Rev. Benedict J.F. Brown
Location: 609 East Main Street, Cecilia, KY 4272

Family Life
Strengthen family life by forming a Family Life Committee that will host family-oriented activities.

Encourage greater unity within the parish family by completing a pictorial parish directory with updated information.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Establish parish religious educational activities for adults, youth, and children to increase and enrich faith formation. Examples include bus trips to the Kentucky Holy Land, Bible study, or other faith related studies.

Providing local training for areas of parish ministry, including Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Lectors, Homebound/Hospital ministry, and other areas of parish ministry where needed.

Service and Outreach
Solidify continuing efforts to make our place of worship a welcoming environment for all through the establishment of a Maintenance Committee and a Liturgical Committee.

Broaden efforts in homebound/hospital ministry and strengthen efforts to reach out to those who no longer attend church.

Develop and foster a closer relationship with Saint Ignatius, Saint Ambrose’s clustered partner, by involving Saint Ignatius in planned activities and study groups,

Increase involvement in ecumenical activities in the community.

Saint Athanasius

Administrator: Rev. Paul W. Eve
Location: 5915 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219

Family Life
Spread Christ’s love through teaching and evangelization.

Develop additional lay leadership and hold quarterly potluck celebrating a few ministries and providing information about the ministry and how new members can get involved.

Develop a date night that includes childcare for married couples.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Embrace the rich diversity in the parish by clearly outlining the diverse groups in the parish and by holding listening sessions with various groups to seek a better understanding about how to engage them effectively in the community

Evangelize to all generations and cultures and teach common virtues that all can rally around.

Engage the leadership to drive increased participation of all generations and cultures within the parish

Hold a “Taste of St. A/Heritage Weekend” to familiarize all with our past and to celebrate the current makeup of the parish

Service and Outreach
Focus on awareness and intentionality of “new needs” as they arise.

Hold a welcome meeting for the new pastor that highlights the parish’s various “good works” organizations, ministries, and services and inviting new participants to engage.

Improve our communication using multiple types of media with consistent messages that outline our mission focus of feeding, healing, and shepherding with clear information about how to request assistance from various ministries.

Establish a new parishioner orientation that welcomes new members and outlines opportunities to engage in feeding, healing, and shepherding ministries.

Saint Brigid, Vine Grove

Pastor: Rev. Daniel L. Lincoln
Location: 314 E. Main St., Vine Grove, KY 40175

Family Life
Deepen our Catholic faith and enrich spiritual practices by increasing participation in family life programs through the establishment of a family ministry team to coordinate family-centered social, educational, and service outreach experiences that appeal to all ages, based on parish demographics.

Utilize family ministry team to increase involvement of families in parish liturgies.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Deepen Catholic faith and enrich spiritual practices by increasing participation in education and lifelong formation programs and by adding members to the current formation/education team who will create family-oriented programming for all ages.

Encourage education about the basics of the faith through the Mass and by connecting the homily to an “action of the week” geared to all ages.

Strive for improved parish communication by establishing points of contact for existing and new programs, establishing a parish resource booklet, a quarterly calendar leaflet, a welcome packet, and by the timely updating of parish website and social media platforms.

Service and Outreach
Deepen Catholic faith and enrich spiritual practices by increasing participation in service and outreach programs through the establishment of a service outreach team that will enhance current efforts by increasing community-oriented experiences (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, events for veterans) for the whole family.

Strengthen parish unity and connection through a mentor/buddy system for families to assist other individuals or families such as widows, military families, elderly, those who are ill or lonely, new parents.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, New Haven and Immaculate Conception, Culvertown

Pastor: Rev. Matthew T. Hardesty
Location: 174 N. Main St., New Haven, Ky. 40051-6342

Family Life
Build community among parishioners and improve family engagement by creating a job description for a full-time Parish Activities Coordinator, with an anticipated hire date of June 2018.

Establish, under the direction of the Parish Activities Coordinator, formal parish groups in order to socialize, share faith, and build community, including a women’s group, men’s group, youth group, seniors group, and couples group.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Enhance adult formation by charging the Parish Activities Coordinator to provide a point of contact and a resource person to organize, coordinate, and provide resources, in order for adult faith formation to occur.  The coordinator should choose “facilitators” to lead the adult formation sessions and report to the coordinator on results.

Offer additional adult studies (Marian Study group, Women’s Bible Study), either yearlong or of short duration for those who cannot commit to attending a long study session due to family commitments.

Collaborate with the Vacation Bible School partner at First Baptist Church to negotiate an alternating schedule each year so the parishes can host Vacation Bible School, as requested by our children, or establish a parish-based Vacation Bible School if a new hosting arrangement is not possible.

Service and Outreach
Enhance the already strong ministry offered through parish bereavement committees by providing bereavement luncheons after parish funerals.

Provide Christmas or special holiday meal services to the homebound or elderly of our communities and begin a meal train for new mothers.

Promote devotionals for the entire communities to attend, such as Corpus Christi, Rosary, and Stations of the Cross.

Invite speakers to address the parishes on topics such as addictions, mental health, and end-of-life care/planning, with the parish becoming a center for information-gathering in the local community.

Saint Dominic, Springfield

Administrator: Rev. Trumie C. Elliott
Location: 303 W. Main St., Springfield, Ky. 40069

Family Life
Create an atmosphere of “invitation” to all families, especially those who feel separated from the parish, so that they will feel welcomed and wanted and establish a “Visitation Ministry” to determine needs of individual parishioners and families, especially school families.

Strengthen efforts to incorporate school families into the life of the parish.

Unite the Hispanic and Non-Hispanic communities into one great family by using liturgical and communal celebrations, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day, parish steak supper, and so on to bring together Hispanic and non-Hispanic families.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Promote more effectively the existing formation programs in the parish by establishing a “Spotlight” weekend that will highlight a specific formation ministry program at Masses and that includes an article in the bulletin and on the web site about the spotlighted area of ministry.

Expand the current adult formation program, including Bible study groups with Hispanic and non-Hispanic parishioners, establishing neighborhood and household Bible groups that reflect the diversity of the parish, and inviting current and potential new Bible study leaders to attend ongoing formation in Scripture study and small group facilitation.

Create a process to discover what young adults need for their faith formation by establishing a core team of young adults to engage other young adults in the community to determine their needs in the area of formation and education.

Service and Outreach   

Promote more effectively existing service/outreach opportunities already in place, along with a more intentional effort to establish small service groups or communities to help with specific needs, such as the nursing home ministry. Establish a “Spotlight” weekend that highlights a specific service and outreach ministry program at Masses and includes an article in the bulletin and on the web site about the spotlighted area of ministry.

Establish a “Backpack” ministry that will complement the already existing “food bank” ministry and that will encourage other parishioners to participate in this area of service and outreach.

Create more service opportunities for young adults so that they experience a better sense of community and connection with the parish and in order to expand Saint Dominic’s presence in the greater community. This effort can be realized by inviting public schools with Spanish classes to attend Saint Dominic bilingual celebrations as a way to experience the local Hispanic community and culture and by establishing an “Adopt a Parish” program in Eastern Kentucky as a way to involve more young adults.

Establish a process to connect with Hispanic adults who are not connected with the parish due to work schedules by providing more bilingual Masses on a regular basis, especially on Holy Days of Obligation and possibly the Thursday evening Mass to offer more options for Hispanic adults.

Saint Francis and Holy Cross, Loretto

Pastor: Rev. Bryan T. Lamberson
Location: 6785 Highway 52, Loretto, KY 40037-8201

Family Life
Develop and administer the parishes’ visitation program to the homebound and inactive or past members of the parishes by having a “point-person” assigned to help schedule, coordinate, and oversee the program, establishing a team to track visits and maintain sustainability, and by creating a mechanism for feedback when family members are ill or not at Church.

Increase the involvement of children in Mass and parish life and encourage them to become involved members of the parish over time by instituting a form of Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the Masses that families attend and establishing a team of adult volunteers to manage the program.

Education and Lifelong Formation

Create a new adult Bible Study program for the parishes, to be held no less than every two week. This approach will likely be lectionary-based and group-led with ideal scheduling on Wednesday evenings, when children attend parish religious education programs.

Schedule and offer more frequent and diverse faith formation events, including the planned marriage retreat in September, a panel discussion on what the Church really teaches, and Church history utilizing the rich resources in the Kentucky Holy Land area.

Poll regularly parish membership for other formation ideas.

Service and Outreach

Plan more community-oriented, food-based events throughout the year such as chili or bean soup suppers with early advertising and signage throughout the community and including personal invitation to community members who are not parishioners.

Good Shepherd, Louisville

Pastor: Rev. Charles D. Walker
Location: 3511 Rudd Avenue, Louisville, KY 40212

Family Life
Create a platform to reach out to former active families and current non-member families who are participating in parish functions by establishing a process for parishioners to make one-on-one contact with former members and non-members to invite them to a family-focused reunion-style event, such as a dance or social.

Reach out to former members and current non-member families by passing out the bulletin at parish events that non-parishioners attend

Expand the invitation circle to already existing family-focused activities, such as the  communal “Easter Egg Hunt” or embrace new community events like “Trunk or Treat” during the Halloween season.

Create opportunities for interaction with Community Catholic volunteers, parents, and children by assisting with the Community Catholic kick-off days or last day of school events, or other opportunities that may present themselves to engage the families:  special blessings, providing supplies, ice cream socials, meet-and- greets, and so on.

Host a non-money making booth at the Portland Festival to promote the parish, especially the parish’s family-focused activities, by distributing information and “give-away” items with the parish name on them.

Education and Lifelong Formation

Develop an adult formation program, such as a pastoral process to invite adults to a Bible study or some other small group formation experience, especially adults who attend Mass but do not receive the Eucharist.

Develop children’s formation opportunities for parishioners, Community Catholic children, and neighborhood children.

Provide digital learning opportunities to parishioners, including adults and children.

Create a multigenerational, family-focused learning event during Advent and/or Lent that would include opportunities to create something that families could take home.

Service and Outreach
Create a platform to discover the economic, medical, social, and spiritual needs of the greater community/neighborhood by creating an outreach “Information Card” or “Information Form” that would be available in church and at community functions to be filled out to let the parish know about the individual needs of neighborhood folks/non-parishioners and also possibly parishioners.  Make an online version of the form available.

Develop relationships with other community organizations, such as Love City, Catholic Charities, and Hand-in-Hand Ministries to expand what the parish is already doing and to interweave the work of the parish with the work of these community organizations.

Invite the community in general to be a part of Good Shepherd’s outreach opportunities by supplying articles to the regional newspaper, The Portland Anchor.

Encourage parishioners not involved with service and outreach to get involved through visual aids, posters, organizational charts, social media, and so on.

Saint Helen, Glasgow and Our Lady of the Caves, Horse Cave

Pastor: Rev. Ben Cameron, C.P.M.
Location: 103 W. Brown St., Glasgow, KY 42141-2101

Family Life
Invite new parishioners and establish a Family Life Committee, which will review and implement ideas and events to encourage current and new parishioner involvement.

Catechize the youth by implementing a monthly parish event, which will include a vocation day, youth Mass, potluck movie night, breakfast after Mass, older youth mentoring younger youth, and a family catechism night.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Offer adult catechism on Wednesday nights starting once a month.

Provide ongoing support for married couples through testimonials and small groups.

Connect English and Hispanic communities through the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, praying the Living Rosary, and offering a bilingual Mass.

Service and Outreach
Build faith and relationships through small groups.

Inform parishioners and community of the “what” and “why” of parish events and express parish vision through personal testimony and through catechism classes.

Invite migrant workers to a Mass and potluck dinner on a Sunday evening in August.

Holy Family

Pastoral Administrator: Deacon J. Patrick Wright
Location: 3938 Poplar Level Rd., Louisville, KY 40213

Family Life

Engage and encourage new members to join the parish family and encourage lifelong members to share their voices.

Invite and make personal contact with all who join the parish through smiles, introductions, welcoming packets, and making a place for everyone.

Re-engage parishioners who have left and reach out to individuals and families in the neighborhood with a welcoming spirit.

Create opportunities for families to come together for growth and celebration both socially and spiritually.

Education and Lifelong Formation

Provide opportunities for lifelong learning about the Catholic faith and heritage, with courses offered before and after Masses featuring Bible study, social justice, family life, and “real world” practical solutions needed in our society.

Become cheerleaders of service by addressing our attitudes about need.

Hold a parish mission or retreat to gain participation and excite parishioners about their faith.

Service and Outreach

Utilize the wealth of talented people within the parish community with life experiences who can share their talents and experiences with others in the parish and neighborhood.

Create a centralized communication system to identify needs and match those needs to talents.

Provide a network of outreach to assist those seeking social justice, or living on the fringe of society, through participation in agencies such as Saint Vincent de Paul, Little Way Pregnancy Resource Center, Franciscan Kitchen, food banks, utility assistance, and other agencies who serve persons who are homeless and hungry.

Saint Ignatius, White Mills

Administrator: Rev. Benedict J.F. Brown
Location: 7786 Sonora-Hardin Springs Rd., White Mills, KY 42788

Family Life
Develop joint family events with clustered partner, Saint Ambrose Parish.

Update the pictorial booklet for the parish.

Establish meal committees for parishioners who are sick or have a death in the family.

Create a “one call” phone service for parishioners.

Develop a “feature column” in the bulletin to report accomplishments of parish families, including milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Develop enrichment in Catholic studies for all age groups, including Bible study, Vacation Bible School, and religious education for children and youth.

Organize a community youth group for Saint Ignatius and Saint Ambrose.

Create a social group for adults (age 21 and over) for Saint Ignatius and Saint Ambrose.

Service and Outreach
Create a men’s group to help with small household chores needed by seniors, with the phone number of the men who can help listed in the bulletin.

Establish a youth helper day when youth of the parish can rake leaves, paint, and perform other tasks for the elderly in the community.

Saint John the Baptist, Rineyville

Pastor: Rev. Daniel L. Lincoln
Location: 657 St. John Church Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Family Life
Develop a welcoming committee to improve our outreach to those who are new or visiting the parish and hold a stewardship fair following Masses to recruit parishioners for the welcoming committee and other events.

Enhance communication within the parish by developing a website with information on Mass times, events, and announcements.

Increase family life offerings by hosting family events once per quarter to bring bring families closer to each other within each family and among other families in the parish.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Strengthen the education and formation of young adults by focusing on those in age groups 18-24 and 25-30, both single and married.

Develop a woman’s group, offering daytime and evening meetings for those who want to deepen their faith and develop stronger relationships with other parishioners.

Service and Outreach
Increase communication about existing service programs by utilizing a new website that will be developed with the help of parishioners.

Increase service outreach within the community by coordinating with parish groups (both existing and new) to take on local service projects.

Develop a service and outreach committee, utilizing parishioners involved in local charities who can be the focal point for outreach and who will help parish groups with projects. This effort will focus on charities with whom the parish is already involved.

Saint Lawrence

Pastor: Rev. Thomas A. Smith
Location: 1925 Lewiston Dr., Louisville, KY 40216

Family Life

Strengthen the Eucharist, the Mass, as the focal point of parish and family life by engaging parish committees, especially the Worship and Hospitality Committees, to drive this effort, by focusing on youth and young adults and by utilizing social media.

Increase communication on all levels throughout our parish family by utilizing popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to improve communication within the parish, specifically with the youth and young adults.

Education and Lifelong Formation

Concentrate on faith formation that targets parish members of all ages and that builds stronger relationships with our members by educating parishioners about all of the various ministries available to them within the parish and growing faith formation efforts where necessary.

Increase faith formation efforts by concentrating on youth and by extending children’s church to a year-round ministry.

Work with surrounding parishes to build a strong youth ministry program.

Service and Outreach
Strengthen outreach by creating a detailed booklet of current programs that also explain how parishioners can get involved.

Identify new opportunities to get the parish involved in service and outreach, both internally and externally, by soliciting ideas from parishioners about how to increase the parish’s outreach.

Saint Leonard

Pastor: Rev. Louis J. Meiman
Location: 440 Zorn Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

Family Life

Attract, engage, and empower younger members (under 40) by reviewing successful youth/young adult ministries at various parishes, determining what is viable for the parishes, and developing a program for Saint Leonard and Saint Frances of Rome, Saint Leonard’s clustered partner.

Designate a staff person to develop and manage the youth/young adult program with a goal of forming disciples to serve the church.

Build and improve bridges with existing groups associated with the parish, school, and community by recruiting non-parishioner Mass attendees to join the parish, inviting parishioners and school children to collaborate in identifying areas for joint activities, restructuring and defining responsibilities for the area rep program, increasing the presence of pastoral staff in the school, and encouraging personal interaction among  parishioners, school families, the clustered partner Saint Frances of Rome, and the community.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Improve communication in/with parish, school, Louisville community, and clustered partner Saint Frances of Rome by communicating with one another through every possible media, including bulletins, website, apps, and other forms of social media and by ensuring the information is pertinent and timely.

Increase multigenerational spiritual growth opportunities through improved connections between Saint Leonard and Saint Frances of Rome, including sharing of sacramental preparation, Bible school, monthly youth/young member Mass.

Improve stewardship at Saint Leonard through increased opportunities for multi-generational participation, such as younger parishioners participating in an off-site service project with veteran parishioners providing meals for meetings and preparations.

Service and Outreach
Increase parish membership and interpersonal connections through a recruiting/retention plan for members with a focus on a grassroots approach.

Develop a marketing/outreach campaign to attract diverse membership.

Increase awareness of services provided by the communication of service opportunities already in place to parishioners and prospects.

Increase services to the local community through participation in more organized service opportunities for a large parish contingency, such as Habitat for Humanity, Mayor’s Give a Day.

Saint Luke

Pastor: Rev. Joseph M. Rankin
Location: 4211 Jim Hawkins Dr., Louisville, KY 40229

Family Life
Expand adult leadership in the parish and ask parish youth minister to provide a description of the type of adult assistance needed in order to formulate a plan of action.

Keep senior parishioners integrated into the parish and form a committee that would have the task of keeping the parish community informed about illnesses and hospitalizations and that would organize sending get-well cards and arranging for visitations.

Enhance communication between parish and parishioners and among members and create a questionnaire that surveys general family information as well as employment, interests and talents of members, email addresses, and children’s names and ages in order to create a database of members.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Foster reverence in sanctuary before Mass by asking the lector, after completing the announcements, to ask the assembly to remain quiet and prepare their hearts and minds for Mass.

Foster religious education for all ages by sustaining children’s liturgy, children’s religious education, and RCIA programs. Utilize the parish database to send reminders about programs and registration dates and encourage parishioners to participate in RCIA.

Identify young families and personally invite them to help with all areas of parish ministry. Utilize an “Invitation Sunday” once per month, encouraging parishioners to invite someone to Church and to coffee and donuts afterwards.

Service and Outreach
Continue Saint Vincent de Paul donation services, Siri Mission donations, and Angel Tree programs.

Utilize the same committee established to keep parish informed of illnesses and hospitalizations to keep parish informed of the needs of those who are homebound.

Encourage adults and youth to work together on service outreach programs.

Saint Rita

Pastor: Rev. Joseph M. Rankin
Location: 8709 Preston Hwy., Louisville, KY 40219

Family Life
Teach the youth and adults in our community through prayer and Mass involvement.

Create one community among the diverse parish members and increase communication of all activities in the parish by establishing a communication committee that will utilize all media to ensure everyone is informed.

Organize a multicultural parish family potluck where all families can come together as one community, with the main purpose being fellowship and allowing all ages of the parish to get to know one another better.

Strengthen the family by creating more family-friendly activities and by encouraging Mass attendance as a family.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Increase youth participation in the church community and encourage youth to participate in Mass by inviting them to plan liturgies through the school and religious education program.

Enhance communication of the youth Mass and encourage participation of the youth in it by providing additional programs in conjunction with this Mass.

Foster respect and unity within our diversified parish.

Promote continued religious programs for both youth and adults.

Service and Outreach
Provide communication of the needs of the parish members as well as those of community neighbors and make available the list of external services and resources to the entire parish membership.

Investigate where there are gaps in services so that needed services can be identified and made available to those who need assistance.

Establish a Stewardship Committee to determine what committees exist and where additional committees are needed and to ensure that parish members know how to get involved.

Promote cultural unity within the parish and promote diversity within the parish committees by ensuring that a Hispanic member is on the Parish Council to help with identifying others for participation in the many stewardship activities.

Wave 3 Parishes:

Saint Albert the Great

Pastor: Reverend David W. Harris
Location: 1395 Girard Dr., Louisville, KY 40222

Family Life
Connect more children, youth and families to the liturgical and spiritual vitality of the parish. This can be accomplished through special invitations to young families through the school, parish religious education classes, athletic and scouting programs and by enhancing the music ministry to appeal to a broad spectrum of ages and traditions.

Increase family Mass participation at the parish by increasing childcare opportunities through an expansion of the nursery and pre-K facilities and staff and by creating a parking ministry at Mass as part of hospitality before entering the Church.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Build programs that inspire people to develop their personal discipleship. This can be accomplished through retreats and service opportunities that encourage a personal encounter with Jesus; formation efforts involving short burst, adult small group ministries such as Alpha, Walking with Purpose, Living Flame Program and Contemplative Outreach; expanding and integrating spirituality into the athletic ministry; and providing personal discipleship opportunities for children and youth while they are already on campus.

Service and Outreach
Revitalize the parish in living out its mission to become a Christ-centered community of disciples dedicated to inspiring people to love, serve and know God and one another. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of outreach opportunities for those who are inactive to come to the parish (e.g. weddings, funerals, fish fries, sporting events); increasing focus on service projects in the local area surrounding the parish; and centralizing parish communication with a top-notch communications committee with an emphasis on technology and social media.

Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral

Pastor: Reverend Terry L. Bradshaw
Location: 110 North Fifth St., Bardstown, KY 40004

Family Life
Provide a support group for families and extended families impacted by divorce by reorganizing the “Journey of Hope” group to expand and include extended families.

Encourage family prayer at home by bringing to the forefront for families the prayerful needs of the parish.

Inform parishioners of all the encompassing parish ministries available at Saint Joseph by printing and updating “The Ministries of The Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral” and making it available to each family.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Provide education based on our Catholic faith by offering adult education opportunities during the day, evenings or weekends.

Seek to deepen our relationship with Christ as a parish through retreats and by developing a faith group.

Service and Outreach
Reach out to inactive Catholics by forming a “Calling Committee” to contact inactive Catholics.

Strengthen ministries already in place by examining each ministry and its mission and determining if there is room for expansion in terms of numbers served and volunteers.

Saint Bernadette

Pastor: Reverend Jeffrey S. Nicolas
Location: 6500 Saint Bernadette Ave., Prospect, KY 40059

Family Life
Address the needs of young adults and families with children by establishing a task force of families that would seek ways of implementing the needs of young adults and families within the parish community in the areas of worship/liturgy and fellowship. This effort has the goal of attracting and keeping more young adults and families with young children engaged in the life of the parish and school.

Continue developing the established marriage enrichment retreat by developing new schedules of opportunities for married couples to attend the retreat and from this effort, developing ongoing marriage enrichment events/programs.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Encourage and market grassroots efforts from women in the parish to establish education, formation and fellowship opportunities for women in the parish.

Raise the awareness of the many education and formation programs that Saint Bernadette offers by creating a menu of the education, formation and service opportunities offered at the parish.

Place a kiosk in the narthex to serve as a Welcome Center and a Parish Resource Center and invite a group of parishioners to oversee placing and maintaining this kiosk.

Service and Outreach
Raise awareness and provide hands-on experiences and ongoing support of the mission of all the social justice, service and outreach ministries by creating a menu that provides awareness and opportunities about these ministries.

Create a resource pamphlet that would direct people to agencies that deal with issues of addiction by seeking out community agencies that deal with this issue.

Assess the feasibility of providing assistance to people who are elderly and people with disabilities while attending Mass and church functions by creating a task force of parishioners who would define and implement the scope of assistance.

Saint Bernard

Pastor: Reverend George Otuma, A.J.
Location: 5075 KY 551, Liberty, KY 42539

Family Life
Utilize free resources for parish use, such as Dynamic Catholic.

Reach out to the Hispanic community by including them in parish life and special feast days, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Feast of the Three Kings/Dia de los Reyes.

Host quarterly family social events.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Utilize the parish website and Facebook account to reach out, teach Catholic life and provide resources to the community.

Hold listening sessions for young families and young adults to identify ways that the parish can meet their needs and concerns.

Include the CCD/RCIA coordinator’s name, phone and email in the bulletin for informational purposes.

Service and Outreach
Utilize multimedia messages for communication to the parish such as the web, Facebook, One Call, Sunday bulletin and handouts.

Define the structure of the parish by asking help from the Parish Leadership Development office to coordinate the parish committees.

Hold follow-up sessions to discover the variety of talents and skills in the parish coordinating committees.

Saint Boniface (Wave 2)

Pastor: Reverend Jeffrey P. Shooner
Location: 531 East Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40202

Family Life
Create a system for welcoming visitors and new members.

Develop and implement communication strategies among staff, parish council and parishioners.

Display pictures of Parish Council members in church.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Survey parishioners to determine needs and interests as related to new formation opportunities and community building.

Evaluate and install a new sound system so that people can hear and participate at liturgies.

Service and Outreach
Develop a committee system based on parishioner input that helps to meet the needs of the parish and the local community.

Connect with the St. Joseph Guild of the Catholic Medical Association and students from the University of Louisville Medical and Dental Schools to create an outreach event that promotes awareness and service.

Saint Christopher

Pastor: Reverend Jeffrey G. Hopper
Location: 1225 S. Wilson Rd., Radcliff, KY 40160

Family Life
Foster unity as a family in the Body of Christ by holding recurring “Meet and Greet” dinners to welcome new families and say good bye to old friends.

Develop a welcoming hospitality by creating “Welcome Packets” for new families containing parish and community information and by forming a group of “Parish Ambassadors” who are available to go beyond the usher’s handshake at the door to welcome a new family to the parish and answer questions they may have.

Improve communication among parishioners, parish and community by establishing a Family Life Committee, reporting to the Parish Council, to coordinate these programs and develop future initiatives.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Foster purposeful activities by increasing involvement in CCD, coordinating vocational retreats and appointing a full time youth minister to support Saint Christopher and Saint Martin of Tours. This youth minister will coordinate social, religious and service activities for youth.

Provide formation for all ages including young parent formation/support and young adult group to support the 18-25 age group.

Provide local/archdiocesan training for parish ministries including ushers, lectors, CCD instructors, communion ministers, altar servers and other ministries.

Service and Outreach
Increase parish presence and activity in city, county and state (e.g. Veterans’ Fairs, Adopt a School, Mom’s Day Out) while continuing parish mission of “bearing Christ to the community” by holding community service projects and outreach events and by reinvigorating traditional parish groups (altar society, prayer warriors, etc.).

Provide mentoring and reverse mentoring programs for older members to pass on the faith and for young members to train those who are digitally challenged.

Saint Frances of Rome (Wave 2)

Pastor: Reverend Louis J. Meiman
Location: 2119 Payne St., Louisville, KY 40206

Family Life
Make an intentional effort to include all ages in the liturgical life of the church.

Create a ministry for teens and young adults that includes formation, social and outreach opportunities.

Strive to be an inclusive parish by holding multigenerational gatherings for parishioners and guests from all walks of life, offering opportunities for formation, prayer, socializing and outreach.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Develop more structured classes for all ages (from children to adults) using church documents, Scripture and other texts.

Continue a strong staff-led religious education program for children in pre-kindergarten through Confirmation at Saint Frances of Rome.

Service and Outreach
Develop an effective communication plan for all parish outreach and ministries using a variety of media (newsletter, pulpit, social media, email, text, website and personal invitations). The Parish Council recommended the formation of a marketing committee.

Create a robust social concerns committee to examine current outreach efforts (such as support of United Crescent Hill Ministries) and develop and implement additional outreach.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Pastor: Reverend John A. Schwartzlose
Location: 5505 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 40291

Family Life
Create a “Companion Family” program to pair new or less active families with more engaged ones by adopting the Companion Couple Marriage program to more effectively blend school families into parish life. Ask engaged families to accompany selected families who may not be as involved as they might like.

Adopt a family-based Marian devotion program by investigating one of the many local Marian devotional programs, such as the traveling Mary statue, as a means of strengthening family prayer engagement.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Create a system for better identifying the “giftings” of parish members to better utilize the abundance of faith formation human resources that are available. Develop an “input form” to collect skills, talents and interests of parishioners to create a “giftings” database through which the parish can more effectively identify, invite and match parishioners to faith formation needs based upon parishioners’ gifts.

Create a “ride share” program to get more folks – especially children and young people – to Mass and other formation events by utilizing a central process owner model, such as the one used by the Homebound Ministry, to match needs with available volunteers and to provide an easy communication conduit.

Service and Outreach
Create a “Service Committee” as an “umbrella group” to coordinate, promote and assist in resourcing all service-related ministries the parish offers now or would like to offer in the future. The committee would meet on a quarterly basis with the many existing service ministries that would send representatives to the meetings to keep everyone informed. The committee would be empowered to promote events and bring service groups together to assist in large events and make use of the bulletin and current technology channels to give reports to the parish at large.

Good Shepherd, Holy Redeemer, Holy Spirit (Wave 2)

Pastor: Reverend Joseph Thomas, C.M.I.
Location: 1217 Greensburg St., Columbia, KY 42728

Family Life
Support families in need through all the outreach efforts identified in this discernment plan and by recruiting more people to serve as Eucharistic ministers for taking Communion to homebound and nursing homes and hosting a training for these new Eucharistic Ministers in the fall of 2018.

Increase hospitality at parishes by recruiting additional meeters and greeters.

Increase information in the bulletin regarding Catholic faith and family life by inviting parishioners to submit articles of interest for the monthly bulletin.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Increase the offering of adult education and formation opportunities within the parishes by establishing a Bible study after researching options available for study guides and programs; reaching out to the Office of Faith Formation to host a formation workshop for the parishes; and offering the Rosary prior to Mass at Holy Redeemer Parish.

Evaluate the needs of youth in all three parishes and determine their formation needs.

Service and Outreach
Increase awareness of the Catholic community by including the Mass times in local papers and other publications and making sure that local phone books list each parish.

Increase outreach to local charities by investigating involvement of parishes in local ministerial associations to increase awareness of the good work of the Catholic Church; publicizing the thrift store and impact it makes on the community; and supporting local food pantries, school supply drives and nursing homes.

Saint Gregory

Pastor: Reverend Peter Q. Do
Location: 330 Samuels Loop, Cox’s Creek, KY 40013

Family Life
Provide more resources and activities for single and divorced parishioners.

Improve communication and networking by making better use of the gathering space, surveys, group email/mailing list for parishioners and better electronic communication to reach all generations (email, Facebook, Twitter).

Look outside the church and self by expanding the Hospitality Committee to add a Welcoming Committee. It would include parking lot greeters, dedicated “welcomers” to greet people as they enter Church and seat-finders to help people find seats in the pews, especially at baptismal celebrations where newcomers may be present.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Share resources with other parishes.

Increase knowledge of the Catholic faith by offering resources to foster the growth of small group activities and increasing and improving communication.

Foster adult/family catechesis and growth in faith by offering more frequent parish missions and single-night speakers on topics such as raising teens in today’s world, technology, porn, empty nest, death/loss and drug and alcohol addiction.

Service and Outreach
Continue, reinforce and expand compassionate outreach to others, especially outside the church/self through testimonies and spotlighting of parishioners already involved and the service they provide and by increasing and improving communication.

Grow older youth (8th grade and up), young adult and new adult engagement in service and outreach through surveys,

Holy Name

Pastor: Reverend William M. Bowling
Location: 2914 S. Third St., Louisville, KY 40208

Family Life
Develop an infrastructure to support increased ministry development for the parish by re-establishing a Parish Council and Finance Council to serve as consultative bodies for the pastor and to assist with addressing the mission, needs, ministries and resources of the parish.

Develop a schedule for pastoral support to families by identifying clergy and staff to be available and establishing regular times for members of this pastoral team to be available to Holy Name parishioners on parish property.

Revamp and implement the Los Posadas annual program to focus on the true spiritual meaning of Christmas for families.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Continue the development of youth ministry by engaging Holy Name youth and developing a plan for youth ministry, education, formation and outreach.

Develop an adult education program by Identifying a leader for the adult education program and assessing parish needs. This effort can begin small and grow as new needs are identified.

Service and Outreach
Provide outreach to the Churchill Downs “Backside” to provide a spiritual home for employees and families by partnering with the Churchill Downs Backside Activities Director to develop a plan.

Develop outreach to the homeless in the parish neighborhood to provide a spiritual home and access to community resources. Meet with local organizations that serve the homeless and develop a plan for Holy Name to support the homeless in the parish neighborhood.

Partner with Holy Trinity’s St. Vincent de Paul chapter to evaluate how the two parishes can work together to support Holy Name’s outreach efforts.

Provide support for families with immigration needs by identifying needs, establishing dialogue with immigrant families, evaluating a partnership with Catholic Charities for legal support and establishing partnerships with Catholic Charities and other agencies who support immigrants in Louisville.

Holy Trinity

Pastor: Reverend William M. Bowling
Location: 501 Cherrywood Rd., Louisville, KY 40207

Family Life
Identify families in need of support by utilizing existing committees, especially Olive Branch, to organize and communicate the needs of specific families as needed.

Develop closer connections among families in the parish, parish school and GIFT program by promoting continued opportunities to connect families in the GIFT Program with parish school families and by matching parish members and school/GIFT families to pray for one another throughout the school year.

Form a Family Welcome Wagon to reach out to new families/individuals joining the parish. Identify a chairperson and locate the activity within an appropriate parish committee with a Holy Trinity staff advisor to plan and execute strategies to help make new members feel welcome.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Study how to engage more members of the Holy Trinity parish so that parishioners grow in holiness by respecting the dignity of each person, praying together and having fun together. Explore opportunities, possibly through regional collaboration, for new social, athletic and gift discernment programs.

Improve communication in order to help parishioners grow in holiness by forming a task force with expertise, under the direction of the pastor, to study the communication patterns of the parish, assess the needs of the parish, and determine best practices, especially utilizing personal invitation.

Develop new programs and tools that will continue to enhance education among the members of our parish by utilizing and by exploring the Alpha program, now being piloted by the Formation Committee.

Service and Outreach
Support the vision of the Holy Trinity Clifton Campus by inviting Holy Trinity members to support the Holy Trinity Clifton Campus with their time, talent, and treasure.

Strengthen the partnership between Holy Trinity and Holy Name by planning a quarterly event or potluck including Mass and/or prayer opportunities with Holy Name Parish.

Continue to engage more parishioners in existing Holy Trinity outreach programs and service opportunities by exchanging ideas for engagement and social outreach programming with other parishes and by inviting the Christ Renews His Parish Continuation Committee to enhance its efforts to help promote service opportunities among those who have participated in CRHP retreats. In addition, request that all committees develop specific strategies to increase participation in different programs that the parish offers.

Immaculate Conception

Pastor: Reverend Anthony L. Chandler
Location: 502 N. Fifth Ave., La Grange, KY 40031

Family Life
Mingle parish cultures to bring people together and bring the parishioners of different Masses closer together. Work with the Hispanic Ministry Committee to address cultural issues, increase Hispanic representation on the Parish Council and other committees and educate parishioners
about Hispanic cultural traditions.

Improve overall parish communication through social media programs and expansion of email and phone lists. Investigate the use of church social media to post and announce events.

Provide support to caregivers (all ages and conditions) and provide information on the availability of services and support throughout the community. Create in the narthex a display of take-home information on addiction and other support groups available in the area, which should also include information on caregiver relief services available in the area. Create a system to receive information from the Ombudsman for the elderly and publish in the bulletin and on the website.

Expand and enhance outreach to newcomers in the parish by creating a “Welcoming Committee” to focus on the creation and execution of communications and activities to grow in this area. This could include greeters, ushers, parish ambassadors and a staffed visitor table in the narthex with information and a gift for newcomers. Host new parishioner dinner quarterly with parish staff and members of major parish committees.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Provide education for the elderly and their families regarding available services and resources as described above under Family Life.

Involve more people in all parish activities through adult retreats, mission trips, increasing family involvement in the liturgy, continuing to provide opportunities for parents to be more active in children’s religious education and developing a lifelong and continuous program of faith formation for all ages and generations.

Expand scripture study to include apologetics, science and theology in the Catholic view and a scripture study focused on teens.

Service and Outreach
Broaden communication techniques so that all parishioners receive messages and news from the parish, including messaging about events and ministries. Invite parish committees to speak at Masses and host a table in the narthex.

Bridge the gap between communicating about events and services and encouraging/enticing people to participate.

Continue the good work of the parish counselor. Explore diocesan, civic programs, hospitals and Catholic Charities for resource personnel who could provide educational assistance on finances, relationships, including assistance for troubled marriages, parenting classes and conflict resolution.

Continue present support of the Agape Shop and funding to other charities in the area.

Saint John the Apostle

Pastor: Reverend Kevin J. Bryan
Location: 515 E. Broadway, Brandenburg, KY 40108

Family Life
Develop a family mentoring program for both existing and new families to provide a supportive environment to parents in raising their children. Offer family-friendly opportunities to gather for education/catechesis for parents that consists of fellowship and discussion, using programs such “The Bible Timeline Series,” “The Great Adventure Series” or similar programs. Provide child care for those parents with children to increase their ability to participate.

Make the church building and the Holy Eucharist more accessible for personal prayer and devotion in order to promote and invite families to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Keep one door of the church building open during normal business hours to provide parishioners the opportunity to enter for visits with our Lord in the Eucharistic presence.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Update the faith formation program for children in the parish to one that is centered around the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” (CCC) and that provides an inclusive and educational environment to support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children. Upgrade and enhance the elementary religious education program developed by Sophia Institute.

Develop/provide an education and formation program for young adults (18+ years of age) to support them in their faith journey and increase parish outreach to them as they transition through college/work experience and into independent living. Research and provide a similar program for high school religious education and young adult continuing formation. Some suggestions include Dynamic Catholic, (a website available to parishes), Ignatius Press.

Service and Outreach
Enhance and improve the existing parish ministries (jail ministry, nursing home visits, bereavement committee, prayer quilts, Love in Action program) by adding structure and increasing communication as needed. Enhance the structure and function of existing ministries and provide training as needed for those who currently serve in these ministries as well as for those who may be interested in pursuing involvement.

This could be accomplished by using archdiocesan resources/trainings such as the Befriender Program offered through the Office of Family Ministries.

Develop a hospitality ministry within the parish to increase the fellowship and involvement of families in the life of the parish and to welcome new families to the parish family.

Saint Martin of Tours

Pastor: Reverend Jeffrey G. Hopper
Location: 440 St. Martin Rd., Vine Grove, KY 40175

Family Life
Promote a family-oriented atmosphere with monthly family gatherings, such as movie/game nights, potluck meals or outdoor Masses by appointing a family life coordinator to organize programs and work with committee chairs to organize monthly family gatherings.

Form a more welcoming environment for new parishioners and visitors by setting up a program for existing parish families to sponsor both new families and RCIA candidates and catechumens following their reception of the sacraments.

Assess the possibility of social programs for older parishioners by looking into the needs of seniors and inviting families to interact or adopt older parishioners with opportunities such as gatherings, adopt-a-grandparent program and delivering meals as a family.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Strengthen the youth ministry and young adult programs by hiring a youth minister as a central figure to develop and oversee the spiritual, service and social opportunities of the youth and young adults in the parish.

Increase faith learning opportunities for all parishioners by opening up religious education to anyone who wants to learn about the Catholic Church; creating a “Did you Know?” section on the parish web and Facebook to teach facts about our faith; providing an adult teaching page in the bulletin; offering more devotions such as Divine Mercy to strengthen adult participation; and offering more opportunities for education and formation among parishioners and religious education students.

Focus on belief in the presence of Christ through religious education and formation opportunities and by encouraging prayer and adoration after Masses.

Reach out to the community with programs geared toward inviting others into the faith.

Service and Outreach
Strengthen community connections, outreach to include local schools and community clothes closets by establishing a contact person for outreach in the parish; celebrating a Blue Mass annually for those in public service in the community; and including bulletin notices, Facebook postings and parish web information to raise awareness of outreach opportunities and the need for volunteers.

Provide ongoing support for families following hardships, such as illness, loss of a loved one or transitions in life.

Merge counseling opportunities between the clustered parishes, Saint Martin of Tours and Saint Christopher.

Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi

Pastor: Reverend George S. Illikkal, C.M.I.
Location: 110 Highway 376, Payneville, KY 40157

Family Life
Personalize the parish liturgy by bringing in more upbeat Catholic music, including blessings for families, recognizing anniversaries and possibly having services in the cemetery for special events and holidays, such as All Soul’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.

Showcase the parish talents by hosting breakfasts for the parish on fifth Sunday when it falls in a month. At the breakfasts, the parish will display parishioners’ artwork and invite parishioners to sing and share their talents.

Host occasional family life activities, such as organizing a day trip to Christmas concerts and Masses at other parishes as well as outdoor movie nights with popcorn.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Broaden the religious education program to include adult formation by holding Bible study for adults during the current religious education hours and scheduling a trivia night to end the religious education season.

Revitalize the youth group by working with the parish youth minister to organize and orchestrate activities for youth.

Service and Outreach
Increase availability to the community through volunteer work by parishioners and partnering with the local Habitat for Humanity.

Revitalize the current service outreach programs by contacting the leaders of the outreach groups and assisting them in revamping the programs.

Mary Queen of Peace

Pastor: Reverend Peter Bucalo
Location: 4005 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, KY 40216

Family Life
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the new parish, Mary Queen of Peace, by developing a parish directory, which would update members’ identities and assist in allowing parishioners to know the members of the parish family.

Establish a Welcome Program utilizing a system whereby the parish give new members “Welcome Baskets” with information on the parish and items that familiarize them with parish life. Study other approaches to welcome new members such as quarterly gatherings for new parishioners; a mentoring program among new members and existing parishioners’ and study of the book “Rebuilt” with implementation of recommended practices from the “Rebuilt Field Guide.”

Education and Lifelong Formation
Reimagine and re-form the Mary Queen of Peace Youth Group to encourage more young parishioners to get involved in parish life. Look to DiCaFF (Dixie Catholic Faith Formation) program for possibility of combining smaller youth groups of parishes in the region to form one large group with a youth minister or possibly partner with other nearby parishes also looking to expand their youth ministry programs.

Develop a more robust online presence for Mary Queen of Peace through a new parish website and other social media platforms and explore a possible partnership with “” or “Word on Fire” to establish online faith formation resources. Explore having youth volunteers assist with social media for the parish.

Service and Outreach
Strengthen the already existing St. Vincent de Paul chapter by working to more effectively educate parishioners as to St. Vincent de Paul’s role and presence in the parish, attracting new volunteers and discussing possible improvements of the St. Vincent de Paul facility on the parish property.

Saint Michael

Pastor: Reverend J. Richard Sullivan
Location: 3705 Stone Lakes Dr., Louisville, KY 40299

Family Life
Expand St. Michael’s new parishioner ministry in response to the overwhelming growth of the parish by reviewing how new members are welcomed, exploring an ambassador/mentor program to foster the connection of new members, listing new members in the bulletin
and involving new members in upcoming new member meetings as a way of reconnecting.

Create a social committee to offer non-fundraising opportunities that would promote intergenerational connections through events such as ice cream socials, anniversary dinners, spaghetti dinners or music festivals.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Continue to build and strengthen an Adult Formation Committee by surveying the parish to determine needs and learning styles, determining
how best to disseminate information, exploring how to plug into groups that are already active and exploring a subscription to “” as a way of providing faith formation and videos.

Empower parents to teach their faith at home by exploring how parents can incorporate rituals at home, leveraging liturgical celebrations to open dialogue in the home, continuing to utilize articles in the weekly bulletin and pulpit announcements.

Service and Outreach
Identify collections and activities that can be done jointly between school and parish by having the Stewardship Committee and Parent Teacher Organization work together to identify two projects over the next year that the parish and school can do together.

Develop better communication between organizations and parishioners about all of the service activities and collections that take place at the parish through consideration of a stewardship fair and through a “Did you Know?” section in the bulletin that celebrates accomplishments, stresses needs and promotes upcoming events. The same activity or group highlighted in the bulletin can speak at all the Masses and be available in the donut room after Mass to share more information.

Saint Monica

Pastor: Reverend James J. Harris
Location: 407 S. Third St., Bardstown, KY 40004

Family Life
Provide opportunity for youth.

Recognize family milestones, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

Encourage families to participate in the ministries of the Mass and invite families back.

Create a social media committee.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Create more opportunities for Bible studies, retreats, adult education and formation and missions at Saint Monica’s facilities.

Service and Outreach
Explore expanding service opportunities such as Room in the Inn, jail ministry, AA ministry.

Minister to the sick and shut-ins through home visits.

Hold a tent revival and invite the community around the parish.

Most Blessed Sacrament

Pastor: Reverend Steephen Koola, C.M.I.
Location: 3509 Taylor Blvd., Louisville, KY 40215

Family Life
Formalize a process for recognizing birthdays, anniversaries and other life events for the parish community as well as recognizing other life events such as births or anniversaries before Masses.

Create a formal system to better identify the needs and allocate available resources in ministering to homebound parishioners. This effort will include identifying homebound; offering training to ministers to provide pastoral care to the homebound in addition to the Eucharist; and delivery of parish bulletins and other items that will keep those who are homebound connected to the parish.

Create a new “Welcome Packet” for new parishioners and families.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Recruit and revitalize the religious education program to better address the growing needs by identifying and inviting catechists who would gradually take larger responsibilities in the religious education program.

Schedule annual parish mission events by utilizing invitations from the pastor and expanding marketing both within the parish and within the community through “The Record.” Lent is an ideal time, and Operation Rice Bowl can be incorporated into the parish mission.

Service and Outreach
Create a local multi-church community-oriented event with other local denominations in the area, such as a health fair or choir event with youth involvement as a norm.

Expand the “Monthly Donation Sundays” to include gift cards that can be used to help the needy who come to the parish for help. The expanded monthly donation would be scheduled and promoted in advance, and special local charities would be featured in the monthly rotation.

Our Lady of Fatima

Pastor: Reverend Saju M. Vadakumpadan, C.M.I.
Location: 7066 Calvary Rd., Phillipsburg KY 42718

Family Life
Enhance and add an additional focus on the Rosary that is held the 13th of each month by adding a Rosary.

Re-establish the “Family Homecoming” to bring families back to the community with a potluck meal in coordination with the parish office staff.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Enhance the parish adult formation by creating a guest speaker series with the theme of “Mary.”

Provide resources and opportunities for parishioners to learn more about the Catholic faith by providing handouts, bulletin articles and resources about the Catholic faith and by scheduling a question and answer session with the pastor or a special speaker.

Service and Outreach
Schedule parish members to volunteer at the St. Vincent de Paul Mission Store one day a week for half a day. Develop a list of volunteers available to provide this volunteer service and coordinate with the C&S Mission Store to finalize volunteer arrangements.

Enhance the outreach to sick and homebound from the parish and community by expanding the current visitations to the sick for Communion to include regular visitations to other homebound individuals in the hospital, nursing homes and in the community.

Our Lady of Mercy

Pastor: Reverend Pablo A. Hernandez
Location: 208 Walters Ave., Hodgenville, KY 42748

Family Life
Provide more opportunities to increase youth fellowship and involvement in the parish and pursue a closer relationship with Saint Ann Parish by offering involvement in joint activities, especially youth activities.

Increase opportunities for more parish family celebrations (such as potlucks, prayer breakfasts, etc.) by reinstituting monthly potluck dinners and other fellowship gatherings to strengthen unity within the parish family.

Implement an enhanced and multi-faceted communication strategy/plan to bring the parish family closer together and establish a parish Hospitality Committee to reach out to new parishioners, visitors, the sick, elderly and homebound.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Provide more educational and spiritual opportunities for all parishioners, from youth to elderly, by establishing a parish Education and Formation Committee to provide leadership, focus and energy for new initiatives and by planning, organizing and conducting a spiritual mission to energize parish commitment and growth.

Re-establish the parish Vacation Bible Study (VBS) program to strengthen the parish internally and enhance community relationships with other local churches.

Establish a consistent schedule for prayer and spiritual opportunities such as devotions, Adoration, the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc.

Service and Outreach
Provide increased service and outreach opportunities, both internal and external to the parish, by establishing a Service and Outreach Committee to identify opportunities to assist parishioners and members of the community in need, as well as internal parish needs such as building and grounds.

Increase responsiveness to parishioner needs by establishing a program for better outreach to sick members of the parish and those parishioners in need.

Upgrade the parish communication process and equipment to ensure requests for assistance are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Review and update the parish mission statement to reflect commitment to focus areas derived from the discernment process.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Pastor: Reverend Saju M. Vadakumpadan, C.M.I.
Location: 425 N. Central Ave., Campbellsville, KY 42718

Family Life
Build a community that is facilitated and enhanced by the Church and extended into the home for a solid foundation of the family. This can be accomplished through cooperation between the Service/Social Concerns Committee and the Worship Committee to form a subcommittee to discuss ideas and plan events that will bring parish families together to celebrate special days in the Catholic faith, e.g. feast days, etc.

Draw parish families closer together in ways that will minister to specific focus groups with activities and/or liturgies that are faith-related and fellowship-oriented. Special groups will be formed to allow for improvement of ministries offered to youth, young adults, women and men’s prayer group.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Establish and plan specific faith-based educational programs and events for parishioners based on Catholic teachings or topics of current interest related to a deeper understandings of the Catholic faith in everyday life situations.

Enrich understanding of the history, tradition and doctrine of the Catholic Church by planning a pilgrimage to a holy site at least once a year.

Service and Outreach
Involve parishioners in service and outreach opportunities allowing for active volunteerism in community ministries. Volunteer opportunities in the community will be clearly communicated to parishioners by improving communication methods with better tools such as social media, newsletters, bulletin handouts and other sources.

Our Lady of the Hills

Pastor: Reverend Saju M. Vadakumpadan, C.M.I.
Location: 9259 Old Lebanon Rd., Finley, KY 42718

Family Life
Strengthen family and youth participation and involvement in the parish and community by enhancing the established Bible study potluck night, focusing more on families and youth.

Build up our parish families and youth with social family nights, including potlucks scheduled at least twice per year in conjunction with spiritual activities.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Enrich children and adults about the teachings of the Catholic faith by strengthening the religious education program and incorporating more structured textbooks and materials.

Increase the knowledge and interest of parish members about the teachings of the Catholic faith by reintroducing “” for use by teachers, parents and parishioners and by developing parish and family retreats, including question and answer evenings with the pastor or a
special speaker twice per year.

Offer sessions to those interested in learning more about the Catholic faith through RCIA by promoting classes for RCIA during the upcoming term and arranging for a trained leader for the classes.

Service and Outreach
Broaden outreach to the sick, homebound and needy and be more visible to the community with visits at least twice per year, including asking parishioners to donate items and inviting children in religious education program to make gifts and cards. Children and adults will cooperate in visits and the delivery of items, both to homebound parishioners and those in the broader community.

Help parishioners discover the many needs and ways they can share love, kindness and talents with the parish and community by making regular announcements in the bulletin and from the altar about the needs of the parish and the community.

Saint Raphael the Archangel

Pastor: Reverend Shayne R. Duvall
Location: 2900 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Family Life
Welcome and engage all new parishioners by expanding and strengthening the Welcome Committee for new parishioners and families to include new parishioner gatherings, a welcome to new members in the bulletin and through mentor family relationships.

Create cohesiveness across all generations to further grow and develop the Catholic faith by offering worship, formation and service opportunities.

Communicate the many social, formation and worship opportunities in the parish community by developing a parish communications plan that will outline all methods of communication used in the parish and school in order to serve members of all generations.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Develop opportunities to recognize those celebrating sacraments in the community by establishing opportunities to recognize and publicly highlight those who have celebrated sacraments.

Share the homilies and the catechesis of the homilies with the greater community by recording and posting weekend homilies.

Create an adult formation team incorporating adults of all ages to offer faith formation opportunities and to provide direction within the parish.

Service and Outreach
Create and nurture ways within the parish community to serve fellow suffering and marginalized parishioners through a ministry that will connect sick and shut-in parishioners that are unable to be present in the parish community.

Serve the greater Louisville community by exploring the development of an onsite outreach center to offer food, clothing, food items, etc. and by collaborating with established and local advocacy groups that promote justice, mercy and compassion.

Sacred Heart

Pastor: Reverend George Otuma, A.J.
Location: Intersection of Highways 70/127, Liberty, KY 42539

Family Life
Provide communication to encourage support, assistance, prayers and Mass intentions when needed for parishioners and their families during times of stressful situations, illness, tragedy or the loss of loved ones.

Enhance and promote visibility, communication and the mission of Sacred Heart Church in the community, increase efforts and hospitality to welcome new members, reach out to those no longer connected to the parish and provide Communion to parishioners who are homebound or in nursing home care.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Continue to encourage and invite participation in Bible study, Holy Readers and religious education programs, as well as parish stewardship.

Continue to offer and schedule faith and spiritual enrichment programs or events for the parish and community fellowship, participation, unity, fellowship and socialization.

Service and Outreach
Expand and coordinate efforts in projects or events with participation in the Community Ecumenical Council of Churches that benefit those in need in the community.

Identify and discuss participation in a service project that addresses needs in another country, i.e. adopt a parish in Uganda.

Increase social media exposure, especially on the parish Facebook page.

Hold Ladies Guild food collections and donate to the annual Christmas auction to benefit children in the community.

Saints Simon and Jude

Pastor: Reverend Steephen Koola, C.M.I.
Location: 4335 Hazelwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40215

Family Life
Create a formal system to better identify the needs and allocate available resources in ministering to homebound parishioners. This effort will include identifying homebound; offering training to ministers to provide pastoral care to the homebound in addition to the Eucharist; and delivery of parish bulletins and other items that will keep those who are homebound connected to the parish.

Establish and maintain a youth group to cover all ages by promoting and creating existing parish events with the youth in mind, e.g. donut Sundays or service programs with Hazelwood hospital.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Revitalize religious education program to better address the growing need in conjunction with the efforts of clustered partner Most Blessed Sacrament by gradually recruiting more catechists to teach in the religious education program.

Create a faith-sharing event series of watching and studying various “Word on Fire” DVDs from Bishop Robert Barron.

Service and Outreach
Host a new/newly revamped parish event around Halloween as a “Chili-Cook-Off,” which would be advertised and promoted throughout the local community and would include concessions, crafts and participation by the Cloverleaf Fire Department as judges. Fees for the chili competition would benefit the parish.

Saint Stephen Martyr (Wave 2)

Pastor: Reverend Harry J. Gelthaus
Location: 2931 Pindell Ave., Louisville, KY 40217

Family Life
Hold a Parish Life Showcase by coordinating a team and person responsible to help gather those who are responsible for ministries in the parish at a showcase. Will consider having this after the 10:30 a.m. Mass so that more parishioners attend.

Identify a Parish Life Coordinator who will assist with managing ground and usable space available for activities and events. Create a job description and consider utilizing an intern in combination with a coordinator.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Identify and hire a part-time to eventually full-time youth minister.

Pursue the certification of spiritual development leaders at the parish.

Survey parishioners and work with current parish ministers to create opportunities for spiritual development.

Service and Outreach
Host a Farmer’s Market at the parish after reaching out to parishioners to lead this effort and possibly sharing with surrounding neighborhood churches.

Create a communication coordinator/team to oversee the parish website, including both the church and school websites.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Wave 2)

Pastor: Reverend Patrick J. Dolan
Location: 903 Fairdale Rd., Fairdale, KY 40118

Family Life
Establish “Befriender Teams” to look in on isolated parish members.

Coordinate rides to church for those who are less able to drive.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Schedule monthly talks by the pastor on a theological topic.

Improve communications by using Facebook for bulletins, schedules, notices and recorded homilies.

Continue annual “Training Mass” and Maronite Rite Mass.

Service and Outreach
Continue softball league blessings and open gym nights and add a game night for youth.

Hold two mini-retreats for women with high tea in October and Lent.

Continue All Souls Day, Mardi Gras and May crowning events and invite young adults for Ash Wednesday Mass with soup and bread event following the Mass.

Saint Theresa of Avila

Pastor: Reverend George S. Illikkal, C.M.I.
Location: 9245 Rhodelia Rd., Payneville, KY 40157

Family Life
Invite participation of younger generation to become involved in Mass parts that allow them to participate without being confirmed, such as an altar server, usher or music minister in order to sustain participation and attendance in the parish on a long-term scale.

Send a survey out to parishioners about switching the Tuesday morning Mass to an evening Mass to generate more participation in the weekday Masses.

Revamp the card ministry, which focuses on sending sick and homebound parishioners cards during times of sickness or loss of loved ones. Broaden this program to send cards to new parishioners/families to help welcome them into the parish and community.

Implement a parish-wide group MeApp and create a parish Facebook page to address communication needs in all of these areas and to send out reminders about current events and other information in order to increase participation.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Focus on building a strong foundation for the youth ministry program by helping the Director of Religious Education re-establish the youth ministry program and by recruiting a core team of adults to assist with youth ministry.

Continue efforts to spread God’s word through education of the rich Catholic faith.

Service and Outreach
Focus on ministry to elderly parishioners by offering a bi-monthly social to benefit all parishioners but more specifically the elderly population, since opportunities for elderly parishioners to come together in this rural community are few. The hope is that this effort will energize and bring hope to a very important part of the parish.

Focus on parish’s shut-in ministry by visiting the homebound three to four times a year and offer not only company but also assistance with tasks around their homes. The hope is to incorporate a core group of adults and youth ministry participants to bring hope, love and a ray of light in an often-forgotten population in the parish.

Focus on married couples, with or without children, and young families in order to establish a strong foundation for the future of the parish.

Saint Thomas

Pastor: Reverend J. Jason Harris
Location: 870 St. Thomas Ln., Bardstown, KY 40004

Family Life
Bring excitement and fervor to parish family ministry and seek to get more people involved. This can be accomplished by creating a Family Life Coordinator/Committee to plan and organize family support events throughout the year; designating “Welcome Wagon Ambassadors” to reach out to new parishioners and coordinating “meet and greet” sessions to connect them with current parishioners; and holding more family fellowship activities (ball games, ice cream socials, potlucks) to build community among parishioners.

Reach out to young adults and engage them more fully in parish activities.

Create counseling opportunities to address challenges during various stages of life, such as grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with marriage issues and facing addiction by creating support groups to assist with life’s challenges that engage trained or outsourced counselors to support and guide.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Enhance knowledge of Catholic traditions and rituals, seeking to learn “why we do what we do,” by developing a resource base to explain Roman Catholic rituals and traditions and integrating “teaching moments” into the regular Sunday experience, i.e. a post-Mass “Did you know? – Fast 15 Nugget of the Week.”

Expand our programming in adult faith formation and make programs convenient so more parishioners will participate by selecting highly rated video bible studies and brainstorming ways to engage parishioners and offer the studies at the most convenient times, while providing childcare to eliminate barriers to participation.

Seek ways to teach kids with energy and enthusiasm, resulting in more excitement regarding the faith by training catechists on latest technology and techniques to make classes both entertaining and interactive.

Develop one to two annual parish missions/themed learning sessions by surveying parishioners to determine interest and coordinating with Saint Monica to promote and increase participation.

Service and Outreach
Celebrate existing service and outreach ministries to encourage more parishioner participation by holding an annual ministry fair to showcase efforts and recruit volunteers and by developing a process for social ministries to feature highlights and photos of good work and celebrate and promote this information in the parish and on social media.

Ensure there are service opportunities to allow families, youth and young adults to put their faith into action by creating a volunteer committee/volunteer coordinator to build a calendar of social outreach events and making sure that there are efforts that appeal to all pages. Add new service opportunities as necessary and publicize this calendar.

Meet with Saint Monica Parish to coordinate efforts and explore working together on various ministries.

Saint William

Pastoral Administrator: Sharan A. Benton
Location: 1226 W. Oak St., Louisville, KY 40210

Family Life
Conduct a colloquium entitled “Parenting Children Faithfully,” for parents with children of all ages in the parish where wisdom, best practices and challenges will be shared about how to parent children faithfully in this age and time in the Church.

Plan and develop a series of family-centered potlucks to build and deepen community.

Education and Lifelong Formation
Host a “Faithful Discipleship” weekend with Father Anthony Gittins, CSSp on the challenges and courage required to live out the faith. Includes an evening of dialogue, one-day parish retreat, professional development with staff and preaching at Sunday liturgy.

Conduct “Exploring Migration,” an 8-week JustFaith Ministry module on the Church’s response to the immigration challenges.

Service and Outreach
Work with Operation Brightside to engage in a quarterly neighborhood clean-up from Ninth to 15th streets on the Oak Street corridor.

Hold Diersen Monthly Birthday Parties, which are monthly birthday celebrations for incarcerated women in a recovery program at the Diersen Center.

Provide regular support, friendship and accompaniment to a single immigrant mother and her family as they make their way in this country.

Conduct “The Last Straw,” an educational effort to encourage parishioners to eliminate single-use plastic straws by providing stainless steel straws to use and share.

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