Honored to Be Another Generation of Giving to the Catholic Services Appeal

/Honored to Be Another Generation of Giving to the Catholic Services Appeal
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Honored to Be Another Generation of Giving to the Catholic Services Appeal

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 edition of the Catholic Connection.

By Ellen Hauber

When I was young, I remember telling my mom, “I want to be a priest. All they do is work on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.”

She laughed and said, “They do a little more than that.”

As time went on, I began to realize the true sacrifices and commitment to God’s work that not only priests, but all people of religious orders and even lay people have made in our community. Being able to give financial support to those that have supported me spiritually week after week is a privilege.

I come from a long line of Catholics and giving back was always a part of my upbringing. I can’t remember a time when my parents weren’t doing for others first – family, friends, or even people on the street they didn’t know. They passed on that virtue of compassion to their children and instilled in us a faithful life.

In varying ways, we have all been called to a life of service in our community. My brother, Michael, is the athletic director at Saint Raphael Church, my sister, Karen, is a grade school teacher, and I am the Associate Director at Hand in Hand Ministries.

Within my family, I have witnessed generations of giving and see that being passed on to my niece and nephew now. So to me, it is important that we all take notice of what the Archdiocese of Louisville does for us all – from birth into eternal life.

Another great organization that is supported by the Catholic Services Appeal is Catholic Charities of Louisville, the largest, private human services network in the U.S.; it serves people of ALL religious, ethnic, social,and economic backgrounds, not just Catholics. The agency serves a region of 1.1 million people. With programs that address disaster response, pregnancy and adoptions, immigration, refugees, human trafficking, and culinary arts, Catholic Charities performs God’s work in so many ways.

By giving to CSA, we not only support the Archdiocese and its programs, but we support our neighbors as well. CSA’s good works affects generations of families every day.

My family always went to Mass on Sundays…even on vacation. “God doesn’t take a vacation,“ grandmother would say, “Neither do we.” But it wasn’t until years later after all that moaning about church on vacation that I realized that the Church really does not take a break. She continues to serve all of God’s people always though kindness, compassion, and generosity.

The invitation to give to the Catholic Services Appeal is an honor. Everyone is called! That means me and that means you.

You can make a gift to the Catholic Services Appeal by using the form below:

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