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Pastoral Excellence

As part of their “National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders”, the Lilly Endowment has awarded a $1 million grant to the Archdiocese of Louisville. The grant will be used to better ensure that our priests and lay ecclesial ministers are equipped with knowledge and skills in leadership and financial literacy. The result will be more competent leaders and strengthened parish communities.


1) To provide educational opportunities to enhance the leadership and managerial skills of priests and lay ecclesial ministers for greater effectiveness in church ministry.

2) To provide financial counseling opportunities for priests and lay ecclesial ministers in order to build greater financial literacy so that lack of knowledge of finances or personal economic concerns do not negatively impact their ministry.

3) To recruit, train and support key leaders within the Archdiocese to serve as mentors and coaches for their colleagues.

4) To facilitate parish-wide discernment about financial needs and resources encouraging each parish to consider what they are called to do with the gifts, talents and resources of their community.

5) To develop, promote and grow a Ministerial Excellence Fund that will provide financial assistance for pastoral leaders facing a personal and family crisis , who have significant debt, have limited retirement funds, or a lack of funds for continuing education needs.

6) To update and enhance the priest and lay employee retirement plan in order to provide greater access, additional investment options, larger employer contributions, and motivate increased employee contributions.

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