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/2015 Graduate Congratulatory Ad Form
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In the May 21, 2015 edition of The Record, we will highlight the 2015 Graduates. Take this opportunity to congratulate the special graduate in your life and let everyone know that you are proud of them! Here are our available sizes and prices:

Copy A – $40 (actual size – 1 column x 2 inches)
Copy A sample

Copy B – $75 (actual size – 2 columns x 2 inches)
Copy B sample

If you would like to purchase a congratulatory ad, simply fill out the form below (starred items are required) and Rachell Rauh will call you to confirm your order and make payment arrangements. If you need help designing the ad, we will be happy to help. Your ad’s design and creation by our production team is included in the cost. The deadline for copy and payment is Wednesday, May 6th at 2 p.m.. Contact us with questions: 502-471-2125 or you can e-mail us here.

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