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C. Jeanne HeidaYahoo! Contributor Network

At our church, delivering a personalized “Welcome Gift Basket” to a new parishioner’s home is a ministry that many of us participate in. A welcome basket is not only a nice way to welcome new parishioners into the church but also provides us with an opportunity to get to know a new family better.

An Autumn themed Welcome Gift Basket is easy to make, and can be used as a vehicle to share all kind of church information including the times of services, special ministries, religious ed programs, and other services that a parish can provide. To make an Autumn themed Welcome Gift Basket for the new members of your church, these simple instructions can help.

Supply list for a Autumn-themed welcome gift basket

Since our parish distributes quite a few baskets a year, I try to keep my gift basket costs to $10 a basket or less. Adding homemade goodies can help keep down the costs along with dollar store purchases and discounted wines. The supplies needed to create the Autumn themed gift basket as shown includes:

* Oval shaped reed basket ~ $1 at dollar stores 
* 16 x 16-in colorful checked cloth napkin ~ purchased in lots from remainder stores such as Ross or Big Lots 
* One litre of nice wine or sparkling cider for non-drinkers 
* Small pillar candle with holder 
* Autumn themed crafting ribbon and autumn foliage picks, also found at dollar stores 
* A dozen cookies; homemade is best but if you don’t have the time, a small tin of American made cookies is a great substitute 
* Church logo coffee mug, if available 
* Brochures with church directory, information cards, special ministries, prayer cards, church newsletter, and other pertinent information.

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