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A Journey Through the Catechism

Initial Steps

  • As the pastor or a parish leader, become familiar with the WhyCatholic? program. Commit personally to its success.
  • Enlist the help of parish staff members or others (e.g., parish council members and key ministry volunteers) to surface the names of people who know the parish community, who represent its various sectors and/or who are well-connected.
  • Have staff members and others propose parishioners who are not already involved in one or more parish activities to seek better long-term success for this program.
  • Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit.

Forming a Parish Team

  • Invite five to twelve people to serve on a parish WhyCatholic? team.
  • Members should represent the diversity and richness of the parish community.
  • Look for certain values and qualities:
    – desire for spiritual growth
    – willing and able to give the time necessary to complete the program
    – good communication skills
    – able to collaborate effectively with others
  • If you have ordered a parish kit in Spanish, please note that teams may be (a) one team working with both English and Spanish processes or (b) separate teams for each language group.

Parish Team Coordinator

  • Is normally appointed by the pastor from those assembled on the parish team.
  • Facilitates the work of the team(s).
  • Reports to the pastor and/or parish council.
  • Assumes responsibility for successfully guiding team members in their roles and responsibilities.

Parish Team – Members

  • Attend necessary workshops offered by RENEW International.
  • Become familiar with the program, process and materials of WhyCatholic?
  • Work together to energize participation in WhyCatholic? in the parish.
  • Recruit and provide ongoing support for small group leaders.

Final Note

  • Parish kits are shipped by the RENEW International office. Kits should contain the upcoming calendar of events for WhyCatholic? — In the Archdiocese of Louisville, the October and November 2010 workshops should provide your parish team with everything needed to get started during Lent 2011.
  • Questions or concerns? Contact Sal Della Bella, Archdiocesan Office of Lifelong Formation and Education, at 502-448-8581.
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