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 Synod Fathers on the New Evangelization

The following study materials will help give you an overview on the new evangelization. Read through them and share them with your associates to help guide your evangelization efforts.


Historical Context of the New Evangelization 

A look at the historical and social circumstances of the twentieth century which prompted the Church to renew her mission to evangelize. (excerpt from Disciples Called to Witness, USCCB)

Message from Synod Fathers to the World

“The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith”. During the Twentieth Congregation held on October 26 2012, the Synodal Fathers approved this Message, for the conclusion of the XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops.

Parish and Diocesan Roadmap

Suggestions during the Year of Faith (October 2012 – November 2013) and continuing during the next few years, for diocese and parish planning to focus on.

Proselytism and Evangelization: Important Distinctions

Fr. Leo Walsh, STD, Pastor of St. Benedict Parish in the Diocese of Fairbanks, describes the differences between proselytizing and evangelizing.





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