Archbishop’s Leadership Briefing 14

//Archbishop’s Leadership Briefing 14

Archbishop’s Leadership Briefing 14

1) April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and each year we share bulletin blurbs on the topic of sexual abuse for parishes to use throughout the month. Please see here for these bulletin blurbs that educate parishioners about sexual abuse policies, recent archdiocesan reports that have been issued about archdiocesan efforts to confront clergy sexual abuse, the obligation of all adults to report child abuse, and the existence of our Victim Assistance Coordinator.

2) Catholic News Service, which is the national news service founded by the U.S. Bishops, has created a series of articles about the issue of sexual abuse, both in the Church and in society. Two that may be of interest, especially to families, are articles about the damaging effects of pornography and about safe internet use. See the article about pornography here and about internet safety here.

3) House Bill 205, the legislation that would provide scholarship tax credits to benefit families who wish to send their children to non-public schools, has certainly received a lot of press. While this bill is not advancing during this legislative session, I want to be sure you saw my op-ed in The Courier Journal about this important effort here. Please see more information about this issue in general at


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