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“With the death of Archbishop Thomas Cajetan Kelly, O.P., the local church of Louisville has lost a friend, humble servant and dedicated man of God. Archbishop Kelly served for more than a quarter century as the Archbishop of Louisville and remained active as Archbishop Emeritus for almost five years. Throughout his ministry, he has consistently shown his wit and intellect to all who knew him, but most especially and most deeply, his humility and compassion for all. I am personally grateful for his friendship and welcome of me as his successor. In his 80 years of life, he has been thoroughly a priest of Jesus Christ, as a faithful Dominican, as a diplomat and administrator at the Nunciature and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, as Metropolitan of the Province of Louisville, as a true Archbishop, and in these last days as a faithful parish priest.”
Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D
Archbishop of Louisville

Press Conference on the Death of Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly, O.P.

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