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Books for Children

The Hurt, Teddy Doleski, 1983, Paulist Press. BK1596.1 152.4 Hur
A boy experiences a hurt from a friend. The hurt becomes enormous until the boy discusses it with his father, who helps him to heal from the hurt.

Heart to Heart (Part 01): I Can Talk About It? Sanford, 1986. BK1062.1 364.1 Ica
This is a child’s book about sexual abuse.

Books for Adults

Creating Safe & Sacred Places, Gerard McGlone, 2003, St. Mary’s Press. BK 4657.1 261.8 Cre
This is a manual for the training and education of young people, leaders and parents.

Religious Educators and Child Abuse, Mary Kay Cuffman, 2005, NCCL. BK4658.1 261.8 Rel
This book is dedicated to educating parents, children, religious educators and the community about child abuse.

Videos for Children

No More Secrets, Blue Apple Players, 1996. VC4156.1 364.1 Nom
This video informs young people about the threat of child sexual abuse.

Andy and the Puppets, 1981, Louisville Production Stage One. VC5349.1 364.153 And
This play about child abuse prevention is for children, parents and educators.

Don’t Take Candy, The Christophers. VC0950.1 364.1 Don
This video offers ways of preventing children from becoming victims of sexual abuse.

Heart to Heart (Part 01): I Can’t Talk About It, Franciscan Communications. VC0732.1 364.1 Ica
This video is a child’s story on sexual abuse, healing and learning to trust again.

My Body Belongs To Me, 1992, Sunburst. VC7349.1 364.15 Myb
This video can help children in grades K-3 learn appropriate kinds of touches and how to respond when they are inappropriate.

Sexual Harassment: It’s Hurting People, 1994, Sunburst. VC7493.1 158.2 Sex
Sexual harassment at school is defined as an unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that interferes with learning. This program shows harassers how their behavior hurts other people and details steps schools and students can take to bring sexual harassment to a halt.

Spiderman: Don’t Hide Abuse, 1990, VC7192.1 364.155 Spi
This video presents to children ways to help end a physical or sexual abuse situation.

Stephen’s Secret, 1990, MTI. VC7191.1 364.155 Ste
This video uses puppet characters to relate the story of a boy named Stephen who overcame his reluctance to get his abusive mother into trouble, and risked angering her even more, in order to find help for him and his family.

You Are Special, Max Lucado, 2000, Oblate Media. VC4129.1 155.2 You
This story emphasizes the need for self-esteem and unconditional love.

Videos for Adults

Bless Our Children: Preventing Sexual Abuse, 1993, CPSDV. VC1723.1 364.1 Ble
This is a story of one congregation’s efforts to include sexual abuse prevention in their children’s religious education.

Healing the Wounded Spirit, Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle, Lindblade. VC2349.1 364.1 Hea
Ferder and Heagle respond to questions regarding the effects of child abuse on the spiritual development and religious practice of sexually abused children and survivors. Insights on healing, forgiveness and repentance for both victims and abusers are offered.

Peace Talks with Michael Pritchard: Respecting Yourself and Others, 1997, Heartland. VC3127.1 256 Pea
This video explains respect and disrespect and tells what to do when you are disrespected. Kids review how to handle insults and put-downs nonviolently. In addition, race and culture are discussed and suggestions given on how to respect differences in opinion.

Trust Shouldn’t Betray: A Call for Action Against Child Sexual Abuse, Lindblade. VC2347.1 364.1 Tru
This video on the most silent form of violence in American today is based on the U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral letter, “Walk in the Light.”

Early Childhood

God Made the World: Kindergarten from Sadlier

Chapter 1: God made All Things
Chapter 8: God Made All People
Chapter 9: God Made Us

Walking by Faith: Kindergarten from Harcourt

Chapter 17: We Are Special
Chapter 18: Our Choices
Chapter 19: Choose Love

Call To Faith: Kindergarten from Harcourt

Chapter 3: God Loves You
Chapter 13: You Show Love
Chapter 14: Good Choices

Christ Jesus the Way: Kindergarten from Benziger

Chapter 1: I Am Special
Chapter 3: Feelings
Chapter 4: God’s Love

Finding God: Kindergarten from Loyola

Chapter 8: I am Good

I am Special: Kindergarten from Our Sunday Visitor

Chapter 1: I am Special
Unit 8: God knows my Feelings


Faith First Legacy Edition: Grade One from RCL

Chapter 1: God Loves Us
Chapter 15: We Live as Children of God
Chapter 16: We Live as a Family
Chapter 20: We Love Others

God Loves Us: Grade One from Sadlier

Chapter 3: Jesus Grew Up in a Family
Chapter 5: Jesus Teaches Us about Love

Call To Faith: Grade One from Harcourt

Chapter 1: God Made You
Chapter 8: Jesus Teaches Love
Chapter 14: Making Choices

Blest Are We: Grade One from Silver Burdett Ginn

Chapter 7: God Made Us to Be Good and Holy

Finding God: Grade One from Loyola

Chapter 2: God Cares for Us

Call To Faith: Grade Two from Harcourt

Chapter 7: Love God and Others
Chapter 8: Making Good Choices
Chapter 13: Care for All People

Walking by Faith: Grade Two from Harcourt

Chapter 6: God Gives Us Life
Chapter 9: Jesus Shows Us How to Love
Chapter 17: Jesus Invites Us to Love
Chapter 18: We Make Choices

Blest Are We: Grade Two from Silver Burdett Gin

Chapter 1: Our Church Welcomes Us
Chapter 3: Our Church Shows Us How to Live
Supplemental Section: Feasts and Seasons: “Holy People”

Faith First Legacy Edition: Grade Three from RCL

Chapter 18: Jesus Teaches Us How to Love
Chapter 20: We Love and Respect One Another

Finding God: Grade Three from Loyola

Chapter 24: All Life is Sacred


Come, Follow Me: Grade Four from Benziger

Chapter 10: Choose Life

Christ Jesus, the Way: Grade Five from Benziger

Chapter 21: Respecting Life

Blest Are We: Grade Five from Silver Burdett Gin

Chapter 7: Grace: A Gift of Strength and Support
Chapter 19: Living As Christians

Finding God: Grade Five from Loyola

Chapter 21: Making Moral Decisions
Chapter 22: Living a Moral Life
Chapter 23: Growing in Holiness

Finding God: Grade Six from Loyola

Chapter 21: Jesus’ Way of Life

Early Adolescent

Faith First Legacy Edition: Morality Jr. High from RCL

Chapter 1: Human Dignity and Happiness
Chapter 3: The Decision to Live out Life in Christ
Chapter 5: The Exercise of Virtue
Chapter 10: The Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Commandment

Faith and Witness: Morality Jr. High from Sadlier

Chapter 1: Getting it Right
Chapter 5: Finding True Freedom
Chapter 7: Learning to Love
Chapter 8: Choosing Life
Chapter 9: Loving for Life
Chapter 10: Called to Justice
Chapter 12: Virtues: Skills for Life’s Journey
Chapter 14: Making Moral Decisions

We Live Our Faith: As Members of the Church Jr. High from Sadlier

Chapter 2: We Make Moral Choices
Chapter 6: We Respect All People

Christ Our Life: Jr. High from Loyola

Unit 3: the Witness of the Church

Discovering Series by Tom Zanzi, St. Mary’s Press, 2nd edition: Jr. High

Growing Up Sexually
Dealing with Tough Times

Catholic Values and Sexuality by John Fortillini, from Brown-ROA

Lesson 15: Some Touch Hurts

Resources from Family Life Books

Benziger Family Life – 2001 Edition

Grade 3, Chapter 9
Listening to your feelings can tell you if you are being abused or mistreated. This chapter helps identify physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

Grade 7, Chapter 8
Chapter 8 “Consequences” deal with the misuse of sexuality. It is stated that like pornography and prostitution, crimes of sexual abuse reflect society’s attitudes about sex. It is a misuse of God’s gift when a person forces sexual activity on an unwilling partner. No child should ever be put in the position of having to consent to the sexual advances of an adult. Suggestions are made to help the victim become healthy and whole again.

Harcourt (Growing in Love) – 2001 Edition

Grade K, “Program Resource” Supplementary Lesson 5 (Stranger Danger)
To be used with “Family Resource: p. 11 and “teacher guide” lesson 4. Among other things, it reinforces the idea that every child has the right to say no to advances from strangers and to uncomfortable or inappropriate touch from anyone.

Grade 1, Chapter 4 (God’s Gifts)
Helps children to see that being created male or female is a special gift from God. That makes our bodies special, and we are to treat our bodies and those of others with respect. There are people in our community who will help us make good choices and stay safe.

Grade 3, “Program Resource” Supplementary Lesson 5 on Sexual Abuse
To be used with “Family Resource” p. 11. The “program resource” aids the direction of a student-adult session on sexual abuse. The “family resource” offers warning signs of sexual abuse as well as helping parents talk with their children about sexual abuse as a natural part of any safety training families carry out.

Grade 5, Chapter 4 (Loving One Another)
Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is a serious problem and requires professional help. Addresses the issue of responsibility we have for others when  we become aware of the abuse.

Grade 6, Chapters 3  (Christian Love) & Chapter 4 (Practicing Love)
Addresses the idea that the victim of sexual abuse is not at fault. To abuse a child is both criminally and morally wrong. Identifies sexual abuse as the mistreatment of another person through improper sexual contact.

Grade 8, Chapter 5 (God’s Life in Us)
The section on personal strength defines sexual abuse as nonconsensual sexual activity committed by a more powerful person on a less powerful person. It addresses rape and incest as well stepping stones for staying safe from rape and sexual abuse.

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