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The communications policy of the Archdiocese of Louisville will reflect a commitment to transparency and openness with regard to sexual misconduct by Church personnel with due regard owed to the privacy and reputations of all persons – accused, victims, and others.

The following are the communication and media policies of the Archdiocese:

  • Once an accusation of sexual abuse of a minor is substantiated, the parishes, schools, and/or agencies in which the offender served will be informed of the incident. The primary notification will be carried out either through direct correspondence with parishioners or through a general notice in The Record. In all cases, a general notice will be included in The Record.  In this notice, parishioners will be advised on how to make a report of child abuse to the civil authorities and to the Archdiocese.
  • When communicating with a parish, school, or agency about sexual abuse or misconduct allegations, the removal of an employee or volunteer, or related events, the Archdiocese will make it a priority to communicate first to the members of the parish, school, or agency directly involved.
  • Media calls related to sexual abuse or accusations or sexual abuse will be handled by the staff of the Archdiocesan Communications Office. Parishes, schools, and other agencies will be provided with contact information (cell and home telephone numbers) of the appropriate communications personnel.
  • Media personnel will always be treated professionally and courteously and will receive a response from the personnel of the Archdiocesan Communications Office.
  • Reporters will be asked not to enter churches or schools without permission. During a crisis, they will have access to designated spokespersons and will be provided with information, as appropriate, by the Archdiocesan Communications Office.
  • The names of those making an accusation of sexual abuse or misconduct will never be released by the Archdiocese.
  • The Archdiocese does not release personal information about employees, volunteers, parishioners, students, or clients beyond the dates and locations of their service or involvement with the Church.   Address, phone, or e-mail information is never released without prior authorization from the individual involved.
  • The Archdiocese does not comment on civil or criminal cases other than to confirm assignment or employment location information.
  • Parish, school, and archdiocesan meetings are generally not open to the media.  Exceptions may be granted, but all parties involved must be informed of the media’s presence.
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