Catholic Schools: Building a Foundation Rooted in the Gospel

/Catholic Schools: Building a Foundation Rooted in the Gospel
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Catholic Schools: Building a Foundation Rooted in the Gospel

By Leisa Schulz

If you want to boost your spirits, take a look at the gallery of “first day of school photos” on social media.  You’ll see smiling children posing with backpacks, colorful signs identifying grade levels, and an array of school supplies.  Even more amusing are the photos of parents jumping with joy in the background of their children’s photos and toasting one another while children head to bus stops!  There are also those bittersweet photos of teary-eyed parents waving goodbye to the oldest child heading off to school and the last child heading out of the nest for senior year.

We are delighted to welcome your children into our Catholic school communities this year!  We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide your children with a strong foundation rooted in the Gospel.  Our Catholic schools provide education steeped in the faith, focused on the whole child, and geared to form individuals who are faith-filled, competent, and compassionate.  Our Catholic academic programs are excellent and prepare students to be knowledgeable, active learners whose faith informs leadership, stewardship, good judgment, and decision making.  Ultimately, our students are called to transform themselves, others, and the world in light of Gospel values.

In the upcoming school year, our students will encounter a variety of new experiences.  Some elementary students will now be riding school buses to and from school.  Many students are entering school facilities that have been updated and campuses that now boast new athletic fields, playgrounds, and outdoor classrooms.  Students will experience new technology, 3D printers, robotics programs, and aerospace science.  Our Catholic educators have many innovative and creative opportunities awaiting our students!

Our Catholic school leaders and educators are prepared to teach as Jesus did.  At our opening event for Catholic elementary school educators in early August, Brother David Migliorino, OSF spoke to us about our ministry as Catholic educators and gave us several points to contemplate as we embark on a new school year.  Brother David formed his remarks on the theme of “Jesus CEO.”  Brother David’s thoughts are relevant for all of us.  Here is a sampling of Brother David’s ideas:

  1. Jesus kept in constant touch with the Father. Do we engage in regular prayer with God?
  1. The Bible is the curriculum.
  1. Believe in yourself.
  1. Jesus did difficult things, and he was popular.
  1. Jesus loved to party.
  1. Jesus was willing to look foolish.
  1. Jesus was passionate about the cause.
  1. Are you doing noble things? We are teachers, and we frame the future world of the Church.
  1. Jesus gave the people visions of something larger than themselves.
  1. Jesus always said, “yes.”
  1. Jesus educated through teaching, healing, and preaching.
  1. Use Jesus as your guide.

Jesus was about building strong foundations of faith with everyone he encountered.  Jesus is an excellent model for all of us, and our faith in Jesus Christ is the reason our schools exist.  As we begin this new school year, we join together in supporting our schools as they enable students to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, broaden their knowledge of their faith, and connect their faith to their daily lives.

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