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2014 Strategic Plan
Catholic Elementary School Report
Catholic School Selection Guide
De La Arquidiócesis De Louisville Guía De Selección
2009 Strategic Plan
2010 Hispanic Pastoral Plan
Ethical and Religious Directors for Catholic Health Care Services, Fifth Edition

Ecumenical Handbook for the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Kentucky (2003)
Parish Young Adult Ministry Manual, 2012

Priesthood and Vocations: A Call for Renewal – 2006
Pastoral Leadership & Staffing 2005 document
Stewardship Renewal Manual for Parishes
Stewardship Guides for Young People

Accountability Reports/Audited
Financial Statements


2014 Accountability Report
2014 Audited Financial Statements
2013 Accountability Report
2013 Audited Financial Statements
2012 Accountability Report
2012 Audited Financial Statements
2011 Accountability Report
2011 Audited Financial Statements
2010 Accountability Report
2009 Accountability Report

2008 Accountability Report
2007 Accountability Report

2006 Accountability Report
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Vocation Office Resources
Please call the Vocations Office at (502) 636-0296 to order copies of these handbooks.
Vocation Handbook Number One: Diocesan Priests in the Archdiocese of Louisville: Partners with the Bishop, Deacons, Consecrated Religious and Lay Ministers in the Service of the Church
Click on a chapter title to view that section.

Section One – “Called”

Why Am I Here?
What is a Call?
How Do I Hear My Call?
Where Will My Call Lead Me?
The Call of Jesus
The Call to Carry on the Work of Jesus

Section Two – “Called to Priesthood”

The Call to Ordained Priesthood
What is the Difference Between Diocesan Priests and Religious Order Priests?
What Do Diocesan Priests Do?
What is the Archdiocese of Louisville?

Section Three – “Answering the Call”

What Qualities Should a Priest Have?
Who Cannot Be Ordained?
How Does One Begin Studies?
Preliminary Preparation
Official Application Process
Application to a Particular Seminarian Study
Where Does a Louisville Diocesan Seminarian Study?
What is Seminary All About?
What Does It Cost?
What are the Steps to Ordination?

Section Four – “Caring for the Call”

What Support is Available to Diocesan Priests?

Section Five – “Calls From History”

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Articles and Publications from the Office of Worship

Posture at Mass: Kneeling
Posture at Mass: Standing
The Eucharistic Prayer
Private Prayer at Mass
The Lector at Mass
Sacred Silences
Music at Mass

Curriculum and Policy Documents

Catholic Schools Handbooks Catholic School Handbook
Curriculum Handbook
Library Media Library Media Curriculum
Library Media Guidelines
Library Media Professional Growth Plan
Intervention Protocol Archdiocese of Louisville Intervention Protocol (complete document)
Sections of Intervention Protocol (click on a link below to go directly to a specific section of the Intervention Protocol)
Internal Review for First Step for Strategy Plan
Archdiocese of Louisville Section 504 Agreement
Chart of the Intervention Protocol Process
Intervention Protocol Parent Letter
Student Goals and Improvement Strategies for Strategy Plan
Third Step to Write 504 Plan
Procedures for Student Observation for 504 Plan
School Strategy Plan Agreement Form
Second Step for Strategy Plan
Student Background Information for Strategy Plan

Music Performing Arts Curriculum Guide, 2010
Physical Education Curriculum Manual, 2009
Visual Arts Curriculum Guide, 2010
World Languages Curriculum Guide, August 2005