Archdiocesan Communications Center

1200 South Shelby Street
Louisville, KY 40203-2600
502/636-0296 (Voice)
502/636-2379 (Fax)


To coordinate the communication ministries of the Archdiocese, operating as a servant to the mission and ministries of the Church.


Assistance with parish, school and agency communications, and public relations efforts; weekly publication of archdiocesan newspaper; production of television programming for The Faith Channel television station; publication of archdiocesan Directory; manager of digital and social media. For further information and contact persons, see the end of this listing.


Cecelia Price, Chief Communications Officer
Jessica Able, Reporter, The Record
Kathy Augustine, Sales Support Manager, The Record
April Buckler, Office Assistant, The Record
Gary Hermann, Coordinator of Digital Media
Paul Hohman, Production Manager, The Record
Jennifer Jenkins, Director of Advertising and Production and Design Coordinator
Marnie McAllister,  Editor, The Record
Paula Meredith, Sales Representative, The Record
Helen Ratterman, Sales Representative, The Record
Rachell Rauh
, Sales and Production Assistant
Tim Reynolds, Sales Representative, The Record
Glenn Rutherford, Editor Emeritus, The Record
Ruby Thomas, Reporter, The Record
Clare Vize, Secretary


(To reach staff members by e-mail, use the initial of their first names and their full last names followed by Example: Clare Vize is

Public Relations and News Information

Activities designed to keep the Catholic community and the public at large informed and engaged regarding the programs and services of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Includes media relations, various publications and resources used for communicating with Catholics and other specialized audiences, and social media efforts of the Archdiocese. General e-mail:

Cecelia Price, Chief Communications Officer
Gary Hermann, Coordinator of Digital Media
Clare Vize, Secretary

(Cecelia Price, Gary Hermann, and Clare Vize are located at the Chancery, 212 East College Street, P.O. Box 1073, Louisville, KY 40201-1073, (502) 585-3291; fax (502) 585-2466.)

The Record

Published since 1879, this is the Archdiocese of Louisville’s weekly newspaper, which is mailed to all registered Catholic households. General e-mail:

Call 502/636-0296 or fax 502/636-2379
Marnie McAllister, Editor
Glenn Rutherford, Editor Emeritus
Paul Hohman, Production Manager
Jennifer Jenkins, Production and Design Coordinator
Jessica Able, Reporter
Ruby Thomas, Reporter
For story ideas or to other editorial needs, email The Record

The Record advertising staff:
Call 502/471-2125 or fax 502/636-2379
Jennifer Jenkins, Director of Advertising
Kathy Augustine, Sales Support Manager
Rachell Rauh, Sales and Production Assistant
April Buckler, Office Assistant
For advertising inquiries, contact Jennifer Jenkins

Television and Radio Ministries

Produces television/radio programs and spots dealing with people and issues of interest to the local Church and the broader community. This ministry includes management of The Faith Channel, a cable channel that presents religious and values-based programming from the interfaith community to people living in Jefferson and surrounding counties. General e-mail:


General Information

  • To place a calendar item in The Record bulletin board (the calendar section of the newspaper), please mail, call (502/636-0296), fax (502/636-2379) or email ( the information to the news department at The Record by 12:00 noon the Monday of the week you wish the information to appear. The Record is published every Thursday and updated online at
  • To suggest news ideas for The Record, please relay information for news stories, features, and photographs, especially those that are time-sensitive, through the avenues listed above as early as possible in advance of the event — at least a week or two.
  • To submit a change of address for The Record, please call the Information Systems Office at 585-3291, ext. 1149, or go here. (Fill out the top portion for a new subscription; scroll to the bottom form to submit a change of address or change other information.) A change of address will be reflected in your newspaper subscription within two weeks.
  • To place a paid display or classified ad in The Record or on The Faith Channel, please e-mail Jennifer Jenkins or call 502/471-2125. Deadlines are as follows:

ROP Display Ads: Monday, 2 p.m.
Classified Display Ads: Monday, 2 p.m.
Line Classified Ads: Tuesday, 10 a.m.

  • To obtain assistance with communication, social media, or public relations initiatives, e-mail Cecelia Price or call 502/585-3291, ext. 1103.
  • To obtain assistance with media issues or to submit stories you would like shared with the secular media, call Cecelia Price at 502/585-3291, ext. 1103.
  • For a complete listing of parishes, schools and agencies within the Archdiocese, see

To order the following documentaries or video productions via telephone or e-mail, contact Rachell Rauh at 502/636-0296 or To order online, please use the form below.

  • Accessible Construction – A video that helps those planning new construction or renovation to take seriously the challenge to fully integrate current laws, codes and ordinances for persons with disabilities. This resource will help you as you strive to make your worship space and parish plant fully accessible for all of God’s people.

Building committees, architects, construction workers and parish physical plant planning committees will benefit from this video, which is accompanied by a handbook. Cost: $19.95 plus shipping and handling; handbook only: $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

  • All Are Welcome – A video that complements the handbook as a tool for self-evaluation of your parish’s welcoming resources. It is an excellent resource for use with parish staff and committees. Cost: $19.95 plus shipping and handling.
  • Christian Hospitality – Revised 2013. This handbook provides a theological basis for hospitality, a look at liturgical hospitality, tips for welcoming all people, and a sampling of models and programs in use across the United States. Parishes will be able to evaluate their hospitality ministry and find suggestions for improvement. Cost: $10 each plus shipping and handling. Quantity discounts available.
  • Documentaries – Award-winning documentaries are available for use in your home, parish or school. Call 502/636-0296, ext. 1230, to order. Cost $21.15 each plus shipping and handling. These include:

Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly: A Lifetime of Service
Community Ministries: Faith in Action
A History of African American Catholics, Parts I and II
The Holy Lands of Kentucky
Reflections of Faith: Stained Glass in the Archdiocese
Ron Mazzoli: The People’s Congressman
Stepping Stones: From Welfare to Work
Turning Point


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 Accessible Construction video
 All Are Welcome video
 Christian Hospitality Handbook
 Documentary: Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly: A Lifetime of Service
 Documentary: Community Ministries: Faith in Action
 Documentary: A History of African American Catholics, Parts I and II
 Documentary: The Holy Lands of Kentucky
 Documentary: Reflections of Faith: Stained Glass in the Archdiocese of Louisville
 Documentary: Ron Mazzoli: The People's Congressman
 Documentary: Stepping Stones: From Welfare to Work
 Documentary: Turning Point

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